The Lost Symbol
by Dan Brown
Paperback- $12.93

Famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon answers an unexpected summons to appear at the U.S. Capitol Building. His planned lecture is ...

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  "The Lost Symbol" by mik-it-geek (see profile) 10/31/09

This was a typical Dan Brown book - fun to read, many twists and turns. It was not my favorite Dan Brown but it could prompt interesting discussions about life choices.

  "2nd Best Dan Brown So Far!" by Lucile (see profile) 11/01/09

The Lost Symbol is THE BEST of the series and I became intrigued by the science of Noetics--which I have since read a lot about. As far as Brown goes this book is second only to Digital Fortress as far as impact and sheer entertainment go. (Previously Angels and Demons held that honor.)

  "The Lost Symbol" by swooten99 (see profile) 11/02/09

Another very good book by Dan Brown. I enjoyed this book as much as Angels and Demons, which is my favorite Brown book.

  "Great Read" by emwade (see profile) 11/05/09

Dan Brown really knows how to keep you in suspense and he provides interesting historical information in all of his books as well. I was glued to this book!

  "The Lost Symbol" by Christine57 (see profile) 11/11/09

Dan Brown has used the same format as DaVinci Code and Angles and Demons, but sometime it is better to stick to what works. This time it takes place in Washington, D.C. I enjoyed this book, and it did have some very good twists and turns in the plot. I especially enjoyed the scientific aspect of his writing which combined extremely well with the religious side of the story. How Dan Brown combines science, religion and the history of the U.S. is what kept me turning the pages. He also brought in the use of steroids, which is an issue faced by many these days. All in all, I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to friends and family.

  "The Lost Symbol review" by JeanaVid (see profile) 11/13/09

I thought the book was good. It definitely wasn't my favorite Dan Brown book, and while some new and interesting concepts presented themselves in the novel, I was slighly disappointed I will admit. But overall, I enjoyed it.

  "Lots of drama and interesting" by sevenlady (see profile) 11/20/09

In places this novel is very predictable and Brown does not close out certain situations. However, I enjoyed the symbolism which was discussed by the characters and the references to ancient mysteries and Freemasonry. Many in my book club found it too predictable and easy, preferring stories with more depth.

  "The Lost Symbol" by cascadesjn (see profile) 11/30/09

Another Dan Brown fun romp through Washngton DC and freemasonry.

  "Robert Langdon is a facinating character." by joyfulpie (see profile) 12/15/09

A thrill ride of a book. The pace continues at heart pounding quickness. What a facinating book. Really enjoyable.

  "The Lost Symbol" by nanabev (see profile) 12/17/09

The book contains a lot of facts and history, however, after you get thru the first few chapters, it is a real page-turner.

  "The Lost Symbol" by Swee2thDi (see profile) 12/17/09

Although it was not a book I would have chosen, I found I really enjoyed it.. I loved learning the historic interest of the Masons, Shriners and Washington D.C. It makes one eager to visit Washington D.C. and locate the symbols within...

  "Suspense with great mystery." by teatime (see profile) 01/01/10

Loved it. Some found it difficult to read. Filled with details of secrets and mystery. Highly recommended.

  "The Lost Symbol" by lollygil (see profile) 03/20/10

Dan Brown has done it again. Another page turning, nail biting story that you CANNOT put down!

  "The Lost Symbol" by NoelleScheff (see profile) 04/17/10

Made me reflect on my soul. Sounds strange but Dan Brown is full of surprises. Its been a a week since I finished this book and I am still thinking about it. Read this book!

  "Lost Symbol" by wnewcomer (see profile) 06/03/10

Mixed reviews but mostly postive. An intriguing story, hard to stop reading.

  "Should have waited for the movie" by AvidReader82 (see profile) 06/05/10

This is the last book of his I'll try. Very poorly written. I don't understand all the fuss. Most of us felt this way and we hardly discussed anything.

  "Symbols and Intrigue Galor: Dan Brown!" by Krislynn (see profile) 06/20/10

  "lost symbol" by hollypitcher (see profile) 07/12/10

  "The Lost Symbol" by lexvettech (see profile) 11/12/10

I liked this book alot. It is not as fast paced as the Da Vinci Code or as contriversial as Angels and Demons but it is a good read. A bit long

  "Good, but not his best" by mcaenki (see profile) 11/17/10

I've read several of Dan Brown's books, and this is not his best. If one takes out the pages over pages of explanations and ramblings about sybolism and religion and believes, the book would be much shorter than 639 pages. I don't remember this rambling on from the other books: Langdon would explain information on these topics relevant for the task/ puzzle at hand, but not over so many pages. Is Dan Brown now so successful that his editor no longer dares to edit down his work?
Nevertheless, this is a good book for a book club as it allows very interesting discussions about the Freemasons, belief systems, symbols etc. And I can't wait to travel back to DC to check out several of the things he's talking about - even though I used to live in DC and know most of the locations!

  "Great, in the appropriate context" by mystryrdr (see profile) 01/19/11

You don't read this because you want to read exquisite literature. But, as a fast-paced thriller with intriguing, fact-based elements, Brown does a great job. Set your expectations for what it is, and then you'll find it really enjoyable. The group gave it 8 out of 10.

  "Could not put down" by spiritgirl703 (see profile) 03/30/11

This book is so full of true facts and just an amazing book. There is never a dull moment in this book.

  "Chockful of info and more and then some!" by mel29 (see profile) 08/08/11

True to Dan Brown's form, this 600+ page-turner has tons of information that at times can overwhelm the reader. Felt as thought it was written more as a screen-play than a novel. Though, still interesting and intriguing!

  "Langdon on home turf." by tcheer4life (see profile) 05/22/13

A good, not great, follow up to The Da Vinci Code. Well-researched and intricately plotted. I did figure out something important very early in the book, which was revealed very late in the book. I don\\\'t consider myself necessarily astute at forshadowing and therefore felt a little letdown by this piece of the puzzle Brown attempted to hide. Still a good read - I had to find out for sure that my guess was correct! Perhaps it read more easily since I am more familiar with Washington D.C. than I am with Rome or Paris (from the previous two Langdon books).

  "The Lost Symbol" by sksmith (see profile) 01/22/14

Really liked this book. Was the first book I have read by Dan Brown and will read others. The only thing I did not like about it, is it seemed to drag on at times.

  "Even 1 Star is Being Generous" by Burgo49 (see profile) 06/28/14

Sadly disappointed because I normally love Dan Brown. Not only was the book WAY too long, there was no logical flow to the story so was very difficult to follow. Ironically, even with no flow, it was extremely predictable. My advice? Don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t waste your time.

  "The Lost Symbol" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/09/15

Excellent, very entertaining, fast read that had lots of historical information about Washington DC. The whole book club really enjoyed it.

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