Mrs. Kennedy and Me
by Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbin
Paperback- $7.28

The #1 New York Times bestselling memoir by Clint Hill that Kirkus Reviews called “clear and honest prose free from salaciousness and ...

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  "Interesting Perspective" by Tbaker123 (see profile) 05/23/12

Good story. Written well. Clean and without nastiness or prejudice. Recommend.

  "Mrs. Kennedy and Me" by picovitt (see profile) 09/01/12

Interesting for Kennedy era generation.

  "For PC Jackie fans only" by HarrietD1 (see profile) 02/26/13

The best part of the book was the last 1/4 revolving around JFK\\\'s death. Otherwise, enough with the \\\"Oh Mr. Hill\\\'s.\\\" This seems to have been written purely for all the people who can\\\'t get enough details about the lives of the rich & famous. IMO they were boring details about furniture, shopping, vacationing, etc. that I didn\\\'t need to know. A much more powerful story would have been about his personal life - how he felt about leaving his own children & wife while traveling the world with Jackie. I understand that it takes a certain kind of person - a strong one - to give up their lives to protect others. And that\\\'s what I would have liked to hear more about. I am not \\\"convinced\\\" that we saw any more of the \\\"real\\\" Jackie through this book either. It seems he kept everything so \\\"politically correct\\\" that the story lost any power. However, if you want to brush up on your Jackie & JFK era history and love to read any detail about her especially, then perhaps you\\\'ll enjoy this book. I found the writing, though easy to read, incredibly dull - junior high school level. In spite of most of us not liking this book, we did have a lot to discuss regarding how Jackie/Clint handled different things & our impressions of them as people as well as discussing the historical events, conspiracy theories etc. I imagine there are much better books about the life of a secret service agent or the Kennedy\\\'s out there. I am recommending this ONLY for Jackie fans & because it\\\'s a quick read and leads to decent discussions.

  "Mrs. Kennedy and Me" by sandy.mahalek (see profile) 05/11/13

  "Mrs. Kennedy and Me: An Intimate Memoir" by hzchase (see profile) 06/15/13

  "Mrs. Kennedy and me" by brenstuhr (see profile) 11/12/14

I really enjoyed the book. I was grateful for the lack of \\\"tabloid information\\\" in it. Very informative.

  "Interesting Account " by Kerrinhp (see profile) 11/21/14

The writing is not very good, but the story is interesting.

  "Mrs Kennedy and Me" by Carolynr (see profile) 06/03/16

3.5 stars
secret service agent Clint Hill was assigned to guard First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. He envisioned read parties, etc. But as soon as he met her , he was swept up in her spirit, humor, etc. He was her SS agent for four years - through numerous family events both happy and sad. This is his story of the intimate moments of that assignment and his relationships with the then first family. He will forever be remembered as the agent who courageously raced to the back of the presidential limo in the middle of JFK's assassination. was an interesting book --his memoirs and take of that period in history. Its interesting to see how Jackie pictured how her life in the WHite House should be and how she tried to arrange her family's life. you keep having to remind yourself of the period in time - no cell phones, less of a visible role for the First Lady, journalism and TV not as immediately available as of today. Also interesting to see how much time she actually spent away from the WHtie House. AN interesting read.

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