The Tea Planter's Wife: A Novel
by Dinah Jefferies
Hardcover- $16.48

#1 International bestselling novel set in 1920s Ceylon, about a young Englishwoman who marries a charming tea plantation owner and widower, ...

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  "You'll Want to Drink lots of hot tea!" by Homewithatwist (see profile) 07/05/17

I am usually not attracted to historical non-fiction or "period" books. But, I thought the description of the book was intriguing. But, I am glad I took the chance on this book.

The author is very descriptive and I found myself transported to a 1920's tea plantation. It literally made me crave tea -- so I enjoyed several pots of PG Tips during this read.

It's easy to read and once I started, I couldn't put it down. It takes a little while to get past the set up of relationships, but once that was done, it was a quick read.

I loved the character development and toward the end I was in tears after all the secrets were revealed.

The back of the room includes the author's explanation of how she came to write the book, Q&A conversations with the author, and a reader's guide -- so it's perfect for book clubs.

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  "the tea planters wife" by Carolynr (see profile) 07/15/17

Nineteen-year-old Gwendolyn Hooper is newly married to a rich and charming widower, eager to join him on his tea plantation, determined to be the perfect wife and mother. But life in Ceylon is not what Gwen expected.

The plantation workers are resentful, the neighbours treacherous, and there are clues to the past - a dusty trunk of dresses, an overgrown gravestone in the grounds - that her husband refuses to discuss.

Just as Gwen finds her feet, disaster strikes. She faces a terrible choice, hiding the truth from almost everyone, but a secret this big can't stay buried forever.

I did like this book I had some difficulty with the husbands reaction to his new bride in the beginning..things settle in and you learn in the end what it was all about. I think the ending is somewhat predictable...but still a good read.

  "" by mgrieco (see profile) 10/21/17

The author insulted my intelligence with her vapid dialogue and shallow characters.

  "British Ceylon from a young woman's perspective" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/23/17

This is an interesting story about a young woman who shares her feelings about living on a tea plantation with her new husband. There is some mystery about what has come before and there are intriguing relationships with her family and friends. I liked it because it was easy to read and kept my interest about another time and place.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/27/18

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