The Bookish Life of Nina Hill
by Abbi Waxman
Paperback- $8.00

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“Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful.”—#1 New York Times bestselling author Emily Giffin

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  "Quirky but just OK for me" by [email protected] (see profile) 08/11/19

Thanks to and for the ARC of this book. I am leaving an honest review.
I read this book because it was on a bunch of lists of books to read. I read that if you loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, you would love this book. Not the case, not even comparable.
What I did like about the book - I liked that Nina was a book nerd and a trivia buff. I can relate to those 2 things, although I can't remember trivia the way she could. What I didn't like - the way she fell for Tom so completely, then pushed him off so quickly. I also thought her claims to be an introvert didn't ring true.
I never felt invested with Nina. The concept of the new family and how easily she integrated with them seems quite odd. Her bullet journals were often funny and quirky, but not spectacular.
It was an OK book in my opinion, I was a bit disappointed as I expected much more from the reviews I had read prior to reading this.
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  " A Millennial Rom-Com" by Kerrinhp (see profile) 09/12/19

A Millennial Love Story… which is perfect for female Millennials and those who enjoy romantic comedies. But alas, as a baby boomer grandmother, it held less appeal to me. I doubt my book club would enjoy this book, but it would be great for a group of younger women.

I was torn between giving this a 3 star vs. a 4 star rating and have decided to go with 3 Stars. It is cleverly written and full of snappy repartee. It deals with the issue of anxiety in a sensitive manner. But I was not at all interested in competitive trivia or the mind numbing facts that were constantly mentioned throughout the dialogue. I am also completely put off when a book says there will be “A Reading of The Will”. There is not a single state in America that requires a will reading. It is such nonsense to include that as a plot line.

Nina Hill is a single 29 year old in Los Angeles, who deals with her anxiety by keeping a planner and living a simple life. Her activities include a regimented schedule of working at a book store, being on a competitive trivia team, book club, exercising, and reading. Her mother , who never told her who her biological father was, left Nina in the care of a nanny while she traveled the world as a photographer. Nina’s life is interrupted when she learns that her unbeknownst biological father has died and left her something in his will. She also learns she has a rather large family, some nice, and some not so nice. In the mean time, she starts to fall for a guy on one of the other competitive trivia teams. And then there is the problem that her employer has failed to pay rent and the book store is in jeopardy. But alas, there is hope for a happy ending!

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  "The Bookish Life of Nina Hill" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/27/21

Just a fun quirky story, Loved the references to books and the trivia

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