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Jump around a lot, lost track of vage story line.

I have no review on the characters

I did not like the style of writing. I lost interest through out the book.

heart tugger. must keep an open mind

details left out
story not finish
more info about characters

If I were single I would follow some of the steps. Being married I wish some of this info was available then

it held my interest. I wanted to find out what were some of the things I needed to be doing. It had several points of interest

several points of interesr

A Piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown
Inspiring, Graphic, Addictive
hard to imagine that a young person was able to survise what she had gone through and was still able to become a suscess

good story line
strong characters
good location and period

a little hard at the beginning, it developed into a good story

Confusing, Insightful, Interesting
caught me from the beginning. loved her characters

I know someone that fit each one.

I relate with Tess, you feel stuck sometimes

Renee, we all need that someone who would be honest.

I know someone who fit each woman.

She Ain't The One by Carl Weber, Mary Morrison
Book was not written with though.

I recommended the book with a high rating to discuss how badly it was written.

the storylines did'nt follow each other

the characters were not belivable.

not enough information on some of the hows,whys etc.

Dark, Dramatic, Difficult
Slow start but a KABOOM finish. Good discussion's.

Some of the issuesnwe hear and read about daily, A few of the others will make you think. You would nor expect some of the things to happen

Rehoboth Road (Black Coral) by Anita Ballard-Jones
This book stired up emotions that I did not realized I had. It made you want to ward off men for good,knowing that they can be so was a good discussion book.

Informative, Poorly Written, Gloomy
The story line was good. It seem long, I got lost a few times

Pleasure Seekers by Rochelle Alers
love comes in all colors, shapes, with or without money

White Lines by Tracy Brown
Romantic, Dramatic, Adventurous
I though it was a good read. For almost 500 pgs you know I wanted to finish. I really like Sunny's character.

easy read,

good details, information all need to hear and made aware of.

The Warmest December by Bernice L. McFadden
evev if our lives have been pure hell, we can overcome and be worthty people

changes come if we like them or not

Repeated same thhing over and over, Storyline was predictable.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Interesting
the naked truth

suprise at how uninform she was. how long it had taken her to understand that prince charming was no go for her. why after finding out he was sleeping around she did not say anything.

Ladies In Waiting by Linda Hudson-Smith
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
Only the lonely

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