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Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Insightful
The Orphan Train

I loved the journey of this book!

The Rumor: A Novel by Elin Hilderbrand
Book Club Recommended
Boring, Slow, Pointless

Orphan #8: A Novel by Kim van Alkemade
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Graphic, Informative

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Interesting, Optimistic

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Addictive, Interesting

After You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes
Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Insightful, Inspiring

Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert
Book Club Recommended
Those Secrets We Keep

A very fast read, story sucks you in fast and gets you wanting to find out what the character's will do or reveal next.

Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Informative, Insightful

Book Club Recommended
Graphic, Romantic, Addictive
Archer's Voice

This was a book that I didn't want to put down! I fell in love with character's. I wanted to learn more of their story, life. I felt like I was part of the little town and wanted to live there!

Pretty Girls: A Novel by Karin Slaughter
Book Club Recommended
Graphic, Dark, Dramatic
Pretty Girls

I found a new author that I love! Hope all her books are as good. The twists and turns are fabulous. I found I didn't want to put it down. She makes you feel like you are in the book with the characters.

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Insightful
The light Between two Oceans

Very well written.

What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Informative, Addictive

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams
Fun, Addictive, Romantic

Book Club Recommended
Addictive, Dark, Dramatic
The Couple Next Door

this was a fairly quick read once you got into it. Did not see certain things that happened right away. It keep you guessing. 1/2 of us loved the ending 1/2 of us hated it and wanted more!!

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Dramatic, Interesting

I could not put this book down, It put a whole new perspective on my way of looking at the world, You think the world has grown and changed, but it runs deep in our veins. I found myself looking at how I walk or drive through neighborhoods, and realize, I have a lot to learn and grow.

America's First Daughter: A Novel by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie
Informative, Interesting, Insightful
Americas First Daughter

I usually love historical romance but this was very slow for me for the first 250 pages. It took me a long time to get into the book and once I did, it was then quickly over.

Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams
Informative, Romantic, Epic

Book Club Recommended
The Darkest Lies

This was a very interesting book. Just when you thought you knew some things, it changed. It mad you really hate some characters. It made you try to wonder why some characters did what they did. Very thought provoking.

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Informative
One Thousand White Women

I read this book quite a few years ago! It is one of my all time favorites! A book I recommend to highly to people when asking for a book to read!. Never a dull moment in it. Keeps you captivated. Sucks you in and you never want it to end.

It Ends with Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover
Book Club Recommended
Addictive, Romantic, Dramatic
It Ends With Us

Just when you think you know what you would do in a situation, a book is written that makes you question that. Beautifully written, characters loved, cried many times, for the good and the sad. That's when you know its a good book! Very thought provoking

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Interesting

I found I could not put this book down! I was drawn into the story, I felt like Anna was one of my friends. As someone who overeats, it was very interesting to hear Anna and the others stories and lives with not eating.

Beautiful, Interesting, Addictive

Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand
Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Addictive, Insightful
Golden Girl

This is my favorite Elin Hilderbrand book! For those who have lost someone, it gives you a smile, a little hope that they are still with you! I could not put this book down!

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Dramatic

Book Club Recommended
Addictive, Dramatic, Interesting

Belonging by Jill Fordyce
Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Fun, Fantastic

This was absolutely one of my new favorite books! It is in my top 10. This is Jill's debute novel and I loved it. I think I enjoyed it so much because it took place in a time that I grew up in and it was relatable. Would highly recommend!

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