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Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Informative
circling the subject

While this was a good selection and I enjoyed the book, I felt the author kept avoiding some of the key questions and exploration of consequences. Particularly the last quarter of the book just felt like skipping the waves. Perhaps it is because the true life Beryl Markham was such an iconoclast and larger than life character she could not be contained on the page.

Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Interesting, Insightful
Indormitve but lackluster

Very disappointed with author's pendactict stryle. Tremendous amount of filler with a constant tension between trying to determine if this was a political bio or a personal profile. The lack of personal context with his wife and family was disappointing. However when dealing with Bush's diplomacy it became gripping and insight8.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Inspiring

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Dramatic, Brilliant

This is an extremely well written memoir of life as a young Marine officer in both Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a rare glimpse into the risk, adrenaline and boredom that are war,

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Informative, Insightful
Hamilton Revealed

Probably our least well known founding father, Alexander Hamilton, was likely most responsible for placing the foundations of American banking and commerce. This book is a comprehensive biography of a most complex individual who overcame poverty, illegitimacy, and prejudice to become a key figure in our history. Chernow manages to straddle successfully the line of intimate revelation with statesmanship and avoids the trap of minutia in the details. The book while big enough to serve as a door stop reads more like a novel. Well worth the time and effort.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Life Changing
new persepective

Great exploration of how we cope with aging parents and how this needs to change. Excellent for making peace with the lack of control the adult child has and the need for parental autonomy for as long as possible.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Addictive, Informative
Time Capsule

this is like traveling back to a time of glamour, sophistication, and naivete. For those of us of a certain age it brings new insight to brief memories of the main participants. Underscores the observation that Capote was a hell-of-a writer and a complete failure as a person.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Fun, Insightful

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Dramatic, Interesting
Small Great things not so small

Gripping story with an excellent exploration of implicit bias and the golf of understanding between groups. The strong need to really discuss difficult subjects.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Informative, Insightful
Creative Words

Who knew a book on the Oxford Dictionary Edition 1 (ostensibly) could be so captivating? The exploration of sexism in language, the harshness of Victorian England for women, even with a woman running the country, and the lovely characters are captivating. My only reason for not giving this a 5 is the last part of the book in wrapping things up simply is not worthy of the book.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Addictive, Dark
Brilliant! best book I've read in several years.

This is such a fresh story. The activity that triggers her adventure caused our club members to start looking up Mud-Larking tours. We are threatening a trip! The author does an amazing job of bouncing between present-day London and London of 1790. The characters are well-formed and you truly care about them. To the point of wanting to talk them out of what they are going to do. The only disappointment was how the modern character handled the intrusion of another. Otherwise, it was amazing

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