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In The Kitchen by Monica Ali
Boring, Pointless, Confusing
In The Kitchen

I thought perhaps my displeasure with this book was due to the heat wave in our area..I felt dazed and confused every time I picked it up. I simply could not find a single positive point on which to focus. None of the characters had any attraction nor did the author stay with them long enough to develop any. The long list of characters was mind boggling and would have been interesting if the author had told us a bit about them. The entire plot, theme and story line was not only confusing but difficult to follow and got completely lost. There were no intriguing or colorful descriptions of anything either. This book was simply dull, dull, dull. I couldn't finish it and didn't care to try. Apparently neither did anyone else in my entire book club. This was a shock, as this is a group of avid readers some of whom soldier through most everything, and then some.

If You Were Here: A Novel by Jen Lancaster
If You Were Here.

My recommendation is based on the age of the reader.
The book was written for a much younger audience. I had not seen the movies that were referenced in the book. So I could not really understand what she was writing about. The author did have some funny scenes, but they meant nothing to me. The younger members of the club loved it. The older women 50 and up couldn't relate. The book however was well written.

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Beautiful, Dramatic
Violets of March

Intriguing and often difficult to follow, suggest keeping a character list. It kept our group going all evening. We ll liked it and had different points to bring up about the situations in the book.

Sweet Salt Air: A Novel by Barbara Delinsky
Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Slow, Interesting
Sweet Salt Air

I found this a very enjoyable book, especially for summer reading. The setting was most pleasing for the season. The story and characters were well crafted and interesting with surprises to keep the book going.
The ending was wrapped up very quickly but pleasingly. I recommend this and found it most enjoyable.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Interesting, Brilliant
The Night Circus

Probably my favorite Club Book this year. Completely smitten. The descriptions were divine. One could get lost in them. They took your imagination on a joyous swooping ride. The story itself was intriguing with shocks, surprises and mysteries throughout. Not frightening in any way
but definitely edgy. Astonishingly fabulous. I liked it so well I bought a copy for my own libary.

The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Interesting, Informative
The Chaperone

I loved this book, as did everyone in the club. What I loved most is the author\'s ability to put so much information into such a small space without it becoming confusing or boring. It stayed fresh and terribly interesting, you were always waiting for something new. It was always relevant to the story. Another difficult task to master is adding a character for a very short time, (like Cora\'s birth mother) she fleshed her out perfectly and the reader got a perfect picture of what she was like and who that woman was and the world she lived in. She didn\'t go on and on her words were spare but she pegged her to at T. She was able to do that with all of her characters and situations. This is genius writing. Dickens could do it, Austen as well.
The author also nailed the feeling of whatever era she was describing and one never felt one had to \"mentally catch up\" with the surroundings as the book progressed. I have read many books that I have enjoyed but not one lately that was a well written and should be a classic.

Book Club Recommended
A Duty to the Dead

Enjoyable, fun to read, a good mystery, not the best I've read but good.

Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Adventurous
What ever Happened to Berndette

Started out painfully slow and tedious. Turned out into a very good book with great character development.

Difficult to understand the main character and that was the key to the whole book.
Great for Book Club because there were varried opinions of the book.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Adventurous, Fun
A Grown up kind of Pretty

Enjoyed it very much. Surprising story. Happy outcome. Inspiring, mysterious and well written. Really well crafted characters the teens especially. The Adults as well. I think that it was especially character driven and I enjoyed that. It reminded me od Dicken.s in that way

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Adventurous, Dramatic
Haunted Ground

I enjoyed the book as I enjoy history and archaeology.
Also the bit of romance. The character development was excellent . Well written and moved along well.
A very enjoyable read.

Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Adventurous
Mr. Penumbras 24hour Bookstore

I am at a loss for words. The best I have read so far this year. All I can say is to read this! Put it at the top of your list. I have to buy it for my own library!

Romantic, Interesting, Beautiful
Beautiful Ruins

Thought the Writing was far too involved and self indulgent on the part of the author. Unnecessarily descriptive to the point of being showoff.
The story itself was good .

Book Club Recommended
Fun, Informative, Adventurous
A Cold day in Paradise

Enjoyed it read in one day. Learned a lot about the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Fun read. Well written.

Danci ng on the Air

Too much like the Julia Roberts Movie of the Abused Wife who runs away, also like Practical Magic without the oomph! Fell flat in the end. won\\\'t bother with the last two in the series.

Big Girl Panties: A Novel by Stephanie Evanovich
Pointless, Romantic, Interesting
Big Girl Panties

Boring, silly, predictable uninteresting, pointless, uninteresting sex.

Christmas Bells: A Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini
Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Adventurous, Interesting
American Christmasses

Counter balances the Christmas story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his family during the Civil war with the lives of some modern day people at the time of the war in Afghanistan. Very Touching, interesting going back and forth between the centuries and the personal stories. The Longfellow story is based on historical fact.

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