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Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Informative, Beautiful
Not Just Another Historical Novel

Mind Games by S.Z. Berg
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Life Changing, Dramatic
Not What You Expect!

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Romantic, Fun
I Want MORE!

This was such a fun, cute, real, laugh-out-loud read! Finished in one sitting. I want to hang out with Lucy, Will, and Jen. I was sold on this book from the very first paragraph, and I was not disappointed. It completely set up the rest of the book, and Matthews kept the style of writing consistent.

"I am locked in my bathroom trying desperately to get the overpowering smell of Indian Summer potpourri out of my nostrils. I'm not sure whether I should get some nasal spray and try to flush it out, or just blow my nose until I can't smell it anymore. I don't have any spray, so I try the nose-blowing technique until I give myself a headache, then sink to my knees on the hard tile floor and begin to cry-- big, fat teardrops that roll hotly down my cheeks."

I *had* to find out what was going on. I felt like I was reading someone's journal rather than a novel. There were no over-the-top, unrealistic, "I can't believe that happened" moments. There was no dramatic beginning or end. Everything was simple and real (like Lucy's fall on the first day of training; Jen and Lucy getting drunk and singing old New Kids on the Block songs; the SO obvious way that Will was falling for Lucy and Lucy's cluelessness; Lucy's horrible job interview). I LOVED the way Matthews weaved Lucy's inner dialogue into the story. The ending was a bit abrupt, but only because I wanted more of the characters! If you love chick-lit, romantic comedy, or looking into other peoples' lives, you will love Lucy Wagner Gets In Shape!

Her Roman Holiday by Jamie Anderson
Romantic, Adventurous, Fun
Very Fun Read

Her Roman Holiday was a very fun read. I finished in one sitting and wish it would have been longer. The characters were so cute, charming, annoying, and *real*. I actually knew a guy once who was very much like Gio- arrogant, gorgeous, untrusting, sexist, and yet would draw women to him like a magnet. I could identify with how infuriated Calia would become, and the characters' arguments and banter had me rolling my eyes one minute and laughing the next. I love the way Anderson described Calia's inner turmoil without dissecting it or allowing it to take over; there were times when she was very conflicted, and her thoughts were able to lead the story without a lot of unnecessary detail.

44 by Jools Sinclair
Book Club Recommended
Gloomy, Interesting, Dramatic
44 Minutes...

That's how long Abby Craig was clinically dead. Some think her return to life was a miracle, God's plan; some think it was the devil's work; still others have different ideas. Whatever the cause or reason, Abby is ostracized by her friends, and considered a "freak"- her only remaining friend is Jesse, whom she has yet to talk about the accident with. She has yet to talk about the accident to anyone, mainly because she doesn't remember it, nearly a year later. Aside from Jesse, her biggest support system is her older sister Kate, a local newspaper reporter. Things began taking a turn for the strange(r) when Kate is called to report on a body found under a bridge. Abby's reoccurring nightmare has taken an unexpected turn- this time in the dream, she wasn't alone. She was with the man who drowned. When Abby tells Kate of her dream, including the image of a tattoo on the man's neck, Kate confirms the identity of the deceased is indeed the man in Abby's dream- and they soon come to the realization that Abby's dreams are turning into visions. She begins to see the deaths, and the same darkness surrounding the killer, although she can never see his face, and has no way to stop the killings.

Jesse advises Abby not to talk to her shrink, Dr. Krowe, about it, but her sister talks her into telling Dr. Mortimer instead. Dr. Mortimer is the ER doctor who ultimately saved Abby's life, and has a personal interest in her recovery, not to mention has fallen in love with Kate. Abby thinks the pairing would be ideal- until she confides in him about her visions. Seeing the same darkness surrounding Dr. Mortimer upon telling him, Abby is convinced he is the serial killer. But Kate doesn't agree, and won't heed to Abby's warnings. Frustration and worry mount in Abby, along with her growing feelings toward Jesse, and the weight of everyone telling her to forget about her visions and concentrate on her healing. Dr. Krowe is pushing her to remember what happened that fateful night, believing it will help in her recovery. But what will

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Fantastic
Good First Novel

Dancing on the Edge by Han Nolan
Book Club Recommended
Gloomy, Insightful, Dramatic
This Should Be Required Reading in School

Book Club Recommended
Pointless, Gloomy, Unconvincing
'Here on Earth' is Heavenly

The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Slow, Adventurous
'Silence' is Not Quite Golden

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Fun
This Needs to Be a Movie!

Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald
Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Romantic, Fun
Much More Enjoyable Than I Anticipated

Boring, Unconvincing, Poorly Written
Trying Too Hard

The concept of this book is great: as a former drug addict, David Carr has trouble recalling a great portion of his own life. Now an established reporter, Carr uses his reporting tools and techniques to uncover his own past. I believe everyone has a story, and I have no-doubt that Carr's is an interesting one. The research is promising, but the delivery needs serious work.

I cannot get through this book. I have tried & tried. I cannot seem to read more than four pages at a time. I am intelligent. I received excellent grades in college, and am the administrator for a specialty department where I work. However, a lot of the words Carr uses, I just do not get--in either meaning or context. Carr also uses an overabundance of these "big" words in the same paragraphs, or even sentences. It is as if the author highlighted words, entered them in an online thesaurus, and picked the most intelligent-sounding replacement.

Carr also seems to have trouble forming his own thoughts; while I like quotes and references to philosophers, etc, Carr often quotes or refers to other authors and philosophers several times alone within the first two chapters--and again, often in the same paragraph.

Reviewing "The Night of the Gun" may seem unfair without completing the book; but I simply cannot finish. When an avid reader begins falling asleep after every few pages, and has not reached the end after two months, that seems to be a review in itself. It is time to move on.

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Fun, Adventurous

Nearly passed over this unique piece of paranormal fiction- incredibly glad I decided to order! (The description on the rear cover of My Soul to Take is a weak one.) Finished in just two sittings (would have been one if "real life" hadn't gotten in the way!), and already looking for the sequel. Better than I anticipated, easy to read, and twists I did not see coming. I have to admit, what was, I presume, supposed to have been the climactic revelation, I figured out halfway through; however, there were so many other things going on & so many directions they could take, I didn't mind knowing that one bit of information.

Kaylee Cavanaugh sneaks into a club with her best friend Emma. Comfortable with living in Emma's shadow, Kaylee is surprised, yet delighted, when sports hottie Nash Hudson takes notice of her & asks her to dance. Her delight is short-lived, however, when Kaylee recognizes the beginnings of another of her "panic attacks." In the midst of the crowded club, Kaylee's vision hones in on a beautiful young girl Kaylee has never even seen before- yet knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the young girl will die. Her "attack" is intensified by not only fighting the overwhelming urge to scream, but also the fear of "losing it" in front of Nash. With Emma & Nash's help, Kaylee is able to exit the club & calm down without giving in to the horrible urge. Having never even mentioned her "gift" to Emma, Kaylee suddenly feels compelled to tell Nash her secret. When he doesn't go running for the hills, Kaylee begins to feel she can indeed trust him, and agrees to meet him for lunch the following day.

Kaylee has never had confirmation of one of her "premonitions" before, so she is somewhat shocked to see the young girl's face on the news the next morning; she had been found dead in the bathroom of the club. With Emma being grounded, Kaylee has only one other person to turn to- Nash. She & Nash quickly begin to form a bond of trust- and undeniable attraction. Suddenly, two more teenage girls die, with seemingly no cause.

Licorice by Abby Frucht
Book Club Recommended
Slow, Interesting

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Dramatic, Fun

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