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The Hunger Games (Book 1) by Suzanne Collins
Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
Great Adventure

The Hunger Games is set in the future where the citizens have zero freedom. One girl and one boy from each district must be sent to the capitol where they are forced to fight to the death. It's a page turner, and you'll be dying to get your hands on the next books in the series to find out what happens to the characters.

Sister: A Novel by Rosamund Lupton
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Slow, Interesting
I liked it but it was a bit slow

I liked this book, but found myself putting it down quite a bit which is unusual for me. I loved the relationship between the sisters, and the overall message the author sends but I thought the book went on and on. As I was reading it was frustrating how hard the author was trying to make you change your mind by adding yet another twist, it was too obvious and I didn't like that. This was the author's first novel, so maybe next time the story will come to a conclusion sooner. There was one aspect of the story I did not care for at all and you don't find out until the end. Overall this is an ok book.

Night Road: A Novel by Kristin Hannah
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Insightful, Interesting
One of the BEST books I've ever read!

This book has so many emotional twists and turns. Even though I knew what was coming, I still cried when it happened. There will be things you hate and things you think are unfair, but stick with it, it is such a beautiful story.

The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Dramatic, Interesting
Pretty good

I liked this book, but didn't love it. It reminded me a lot of the notebook. Forbidden love by parents, forced apart, reconnected by going home.... You get my point. While the story and ending are vastly different I couldn't help feeling like this story had been told before. It's still a good story, don't get me wrong I enjoyed reading it, but that's probably because we've all had those feelings before and wondering if you made the right decision.

Matched by Ally Condie
Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Fun
Quick read will pull you in

I love how this books questions society. If you liked The Hunger Games, you will probably enjoy this book as well.

Crossed by Ally Condie
Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Fun, Adventurous
Just as good as the first

Another great book. The relationship between Ky and Cassia grows stronger, but in a way they also grow apart. I liked the new characters and learning more the Society's past and the characters' individual stories.

Pointless, Fun, Dramatic
Just another Plum novel

I enjoy these books, but I had to describe it as pointless is because while things have changed, nothing has changed. I don't know why she can't just let Stephanie chose a man already. Thank goodness for Lula or everything would be boring. I always like reading these books, but I'm glad I didn't buy it.

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