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Affinity by Sarah Waters
Book Club Recommended
Dark, Interesting, Dramatic

Book Club Recommended
Difficult, Informative, Life Changing
Merchants of Doiuby

The book is an eye opener to the lengths to which corporations and government have gone over the last several decades to hide the potential harm various environmental threats pose to the public. From smoking and second hand smoke to climate change and pollution, a few key people have misled the public for decades with funding from a variety of benign sounding organizations. The book exposes research done without invoking the scientific method, funding sources and special interest groups and corporations who benefit from the misleading information and studies that result. This book was a difficult read but an education and a cautionary tale --- making the point that people should look for the qualifications of those who are presented as experts and also that we need to look at who is backing them.

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Informative, Insightful

The story was addictive. It was a fast read and I put the book down several times because I didn't want the story to end. The author is a very unique woman who is an incredible risk taker. SHe travels to Alice Springs, Australia, with no resources. She decides she wants to learn about camels and travel from Alice Springs to the western coast of Australia alone but she finds it is challenging to be taken seriously. Finally to fund her adventure she takes a small amount of money from National Geographic and then laments about 'selling out'. She has insightful commentary about the Aborigines and the way they have been treated by the white people. An Aboriginal man accompanies her for part of her trek. She gets in touch with the oneness of nature and the desert and at times her sanity is challenged with the isolation and the endless heat. Against major odds she completes the trek and she and her camels celebrate their journey, It made me want to go into the outback but only as a fantasy.

Book Club Recommended
The Righteous Mind

I have been fascinated by what people bring away from listening to political debates and sermons. This book explains why we believe what we believe.
.Haidt discusses how we supply convenient rationalizations for what we already want to do. He puts forward a Moral Foundations Theory, explaining what liberals and conservatives value.
Wisdom, Haidt writes, "requires us all to take the logs out of our own eyes and then escape from our ceaseless, petty and devisive moralism."
The observation was made that people on the right are called 'conservatives' because they are more reluctant to change, and prefer instead to 'preserve and conserve'. People on the left are called 'progressives' because they are more open to change and often wish to hasten it.
What the author doesn't discuss is how these groups can be brought together and come to appreciate those who see reality from a different perspective.
This book was not an easy read but it was valuable for the insights gained.

The Personal Librarian by Christopher Victoria Murray Marie; Benedict
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Informative, Interesting
The Personal Librarian

An historical novel based on a woman who was black and passed for white. She entered the world of NY high society as the perssonal librarian for J. P. Morgan. At the time she could have been lynched if discovered. It deals with issues of race and her decision not to have a child becausse of the danger of revealing her closely kept secret. She led her entire life projecting a persona that she created to mask who she really was. She had an incredibly successful career, at the same time wrestling with her relationship with her family. It has romance, loss, and suspense.

The Map Colorist: A Novel by Rebecca D'Harlingue
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Adventurous
Full of temptation, ambition, romance, mystery, and more

Excellent story that takes place in the 1600s in Amsterdam. It is well researched and offers a view of a world where map making was limitied to men. There were specific rules that must be followed, limitations on colors used, and many restrictions in a tightly controlled society. The main character is a young girl who starts as a colorist who is not content with her role. She is very talented and wants to create maps and bring her talents to the attention of those men who value map making and the collectors who want what she offers.
There is innocence, ambition, and lies. There is also romance, intrigue, infidelity, mystery, and murder. There are many unexpected twists and turns throughout the book.

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