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Inspiring, Insightful, Brilliant
Cannot relate to the author. Not depressing, just dull.

This book was probably very therapeutic for the author; however, I can't understand how anyone else could benefit from reading it. Ms. Didion's journey of mourning her husband's death is a very personal story and she tells it with great honesty. She describes somewhat interesting phenomena which occur within her own mind; subconscious tricks to shield herself from difficult memories. The repetition of these events and inconsistent timeline are difficult and frustrating to follow. Death and loss are very personal issues that everyone deals with differently; therefore, I do not see even the grieving reader benefitting from the book. I was unable to empathize or relate to the author in any way. In fact, toward the end, I just wanted her to stop.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Romantic, Interesting, Beautiful
I did not want this book to end. Amazing story!

This book is going into my top ten list of favorite books, ever. The writing was clear and easy to read, yet descriptive and beautiful. The story chronicles the life and times of a couple whose relationship endures the many twists and turns of time travel. At first, the chronological leaps are challenging to follow, but when you just accept that they exist, eventually you get into the rhythm of reading. This is a love story with a science fiction twist. Do not let the length of the book disocurage you. It flies by. I finished it in 3 days. Excellent!

Dark, Interesting, Confusing
Generated a lot of discussion

This book was definitely an interesting read. If you enjoy fantasy, you will love this one. At the very least, there are many valid social themes and points to ponder, which may be lost on those who do not discuss this book as a group. One needs to look deeper into the book, beyond the fantastic storyline, to grasp the underlying meanings. The sequel, Son of a Witch was great as well, for those feeling "loss" after finishing Wicked.

Poorly Written, Interesting, Confusing
A story that mixes fictional history and modern-day dilemmas with a touch of fantasy.

I enjoyed this book. Although the title and first chapter imply that this book may be primarily a fantasy, there is only a thin undercurrent of fantasy running throughout. The story deals with a young woman who attempts to find her biological father. The search involves delving into her family's past, from the founding father of her hometown in the 1700's to today. Each main character, including those living in colonial times, has the opportunity to "speak" as individual chapters are devoted to hearing his or her point of view. The story was interesting and well-written, and I believe it would be a fair book to discuss at book club.

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