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Dramatic, Interesting, Beautiful
Beautifully written and descriptive, this book grabs you and keeps your interest throughout. It's very hard to believe this book was written by a man as he captures the women in the story with incred

Adventurous, Interesting, Informative
This book allowed for some great discussion!

While some of us had differing opinions on various aspects of this book, we all agreed it was a great book club selection as it allowed for lots of animated discussion. We liked the character development and felt this book was probably very accurate to the way life was in that time period. We would definitely recommend this book to other clubs!

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Slow, Difficult, Boring
A great classic for book clubs to discuss

Our group enjoyed both the book and the discussion that followed. This is a classic we definitely recommend to other book clubs.

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel by Diane Setterfield
Dramatic, Interesting, Dark
Our club loved this one unanimously

Everyone in our group enjoyed this book. Most found they couldn't put it down and finished it in a few days! There are many plot twists and surprises, so much to keep you guessing, that you simply get pulled right in and can't walk away for very long. Made for a lively discussion as well. Highly recommended!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
Beautiful Story and Characters

I enjoyed this book very much. The characters are so memorable and I could see it provoking a lot of interesting discussion in a book club setting.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Interesting, Beautiful

This is one of my favorite books of all time. There is a lot of good content to discuss as a group. Highly recommended!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Fun
Our club really enjoyed this book!

Everyone who attended the meeting enjoyed this book and the richly drawn characters. We each had a different favorite character because they all had such unique personalities. We were fascinated with the story and all of us enjoyed the fact that it was written completely through letters.

Book Club Recommended
Fun, Adventurous, Inspiring
Mixed Reviews from our Club

We had mixed reviews on this selection amongst our group members. Some really enjoyed the humor and adventurous aspects, as well as learning about the various places the author and her husband visited during their year on the road. However, others felt the author was a bit too spoiled and dwelled too much on the joy she seemed to find in being reclusive and lazy. Her "Long Island Princess" comments were a bit frequent and she made lots of cutesy "side comments" in parentheses that became annoying at times. However, the follow-up questions in the book are very good and allowed for good discussion about what we would do in a similar situation (or whether we would do something like that at all).

Confusing, Interesting, Unconvincing
Nothing Special

Our group, for the most part, found this book to be somewhat predictable and not very believable. Some good discussion came from it, but nothing very memorable. We would definitely recommend other books over this one.

Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Insightful, Interesting
A Powerful Story

Our club found this book to be interesting and well-written, despite the subject matter which at times made it difficult to read. Most members read the book very quickly and found the story to be gripping and hard to put down. It provided for some good discussion as well.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Inspiring, Dramatic
Fascinating Memoir

Our book club enjoyed this selection. Although it's difficult to read about the struggles of these children throughout their childhoods, Jeannette Walls writes it with little judgement or condemnation of her parents, allowing the reader to experience the story without completely despising them and even finding humor in some of the bizarre events that take place. You find yourself wrapped up in the series of poor decisions and outright refusal to follow societal norms that puts this family into one struggle after another. You spend much of your time marveling at the resourcefulness and survival skills of these young children. The book prompted some great discussion among our members.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Interesting
Unforgettable Characters and Story

What a beautifully written story, quite unlike anything I've read before. The story was well-developed, with descriptions I felt were spot-on for helping me picture the settings and characters, but not overdone to the point of annoying. The character development was excellent, from the main characters to the supporting characters that were so important to the overall story. None were neglected by the author.

This story really depicts what it means when someone says "It takes a village" to raise children. This "village" of characters came together to raise twin boys when their mother died in childbirth and their unsuspecting father panicked and left.

I keep thinking back to all the events that happened and how each one created a chain reaction that led to another major event. The detail and the many events that occured make this a book that I would likely read again, almost certain to discover something new I may have overlooked the first time.

The medical terminology interspersed throughout the book can be a bit daunting at times, but I never felt tempted to put it down because I lacked a medical background. It didn't take away from the story and in fact I found much of the information fascinating.

I highly recommend this book for its' fascinating characters and a storyline full of surprises and memorable moments.

Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Optimistic, Adventurous
Our club loved this book!

This book is very inspiring and well-written, with humor invoked throughout despite the serious topic at hand. It provides for plenty of good discussion. We highly recommend it!

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