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Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Beautiful, Difficult
A Beautiful - and Elegant Book

I must say I am surprised at the many negative reviews of this book. I felt it was a beautiful and moving story of womanhood - from an older and a younger perspective - and what expectations society puts on them. How those who are "different" - intelligent, thoughtful, culturally oriented, soul searching, insightful - may feel they have to hide in the shell of a false role, or a facade that gives them an invisibility to society, within which they are free to be themselves. The impact of loneliness and isolation are a side effect which one must choose to deal with, or not. This is not purely a women's issue, but certainly throughout time women have been more likely to conceal their true self within a socially acceptable role, with varying degrees of success and acceptance.

Little Bee: A Novel by Chris Cleave
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Insightful, Interesting
Beautiful but difficult...

I only checked "difficult" for this book because the subject matter was so difficult and very sad.. But the book is beautifully written and I believe important - we tend to take so much for granted here in America.

I really must recommend the audiobook version (from Audible) - very well read, each character having a distinctive voice.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Insightful, Slow
Very Interesting Audiobook

I will admit I might not have picked up or stuck with this book if my husband had not already listened to it on audiobook - but, in addition to the fact that I have enjoyed Bryson's books before - overhearing bits and pieces, and having my husbund recount bits and pieces of it to me convinced me to give it a try (plus, once I had declared I would listen to it he was banned from telling me any more!). But it was truly fascinating... There are confusing bits.. Bryson tends to go off on tangents and you wonder.. wait - how did we get here? But in a way it really doesn't matter because the whole book is a compilation of facts, stories and explanations of "home" since.... way back when. Even if you miss a bit or two you will still find so many nuggets of interest it's well worth the read - or the listen.

Life by Keith Richards
Book Club Recommended
The Nitty Gritty Behind the Legendary

Of course this account is subjective.. tho there are quotes and comments from others along the way. Having grown up with the Stones (being just a bit younger than their original fans) - and with age (mine and his) being more and more intrigued with Keith Richards than the obvious one, I found this book fascinating, amusing, and ultimately bemusing to realize we are practically neighbors (if I was a more astute hiker I could probably get to his back yard from mine, via the woods) - and that his daughters, being about the age of my daughters were just a town's high school away. His childhood, family and school life, his early relationship with Jagger and the others, his prime love of blues and acceptance and admiration by blues musicians, and the amazing and absurd adventures that went on.. and his survival of it all... And particularly the ultimately good and caring man he is.. all proved to be fascinating, complex and deep. I listened to the audiobook and the voices were great.

Old Filth by Jane Gardam
Book Club Recommended
Slow, Boring, Dark
A Complex Life, Slowly Revealed

Beautifully written, and gracefully woven. Jane Gardam reveals the life of Old Filth (the nickname an acronym that explains a lot - but certainly not that he is "dirty") from birth in Malaya to old age in Dorset. We are given the basic structure and important characters in Edward Feather's life, then in a beautifully plotted out narrative, we are taken back to fill in the blanks where characters reappear and bits and pieces reoccur - sometimes in dreams or delusions - until at end it all comes together.

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