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A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Insightful, Beautiful

Be Frank With Me: A Novel by Julia Claiborne Johnson
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Optimistic

Fun, Insightful, Pointless

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier
Book Club Recommended
Addictive, Romantic, Dramatic

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Insightful, Fun
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

Except for a slow start very nicely written. Eleanor’s choice of words can be laugh out loud funny.
Lot of growth for a character, but still believeable.
I couldn’t put it down once I was 60 pages into it.

Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Dramatic, Insightful
Little fires everywhere

very well written, follows its own path back through other viewpoints

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Gloomy, Dark
try not to breathe

Interesting page turner. Only criticism I felt it was too easy to solve

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Fun, Addictive

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
the midnight library

a very interesting look at the path not chosen and the regrets we sometimes have

Addictive, Dramatic, Interesting
the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

promises an exciting end and doesnt deliver. other than that it was a fine story

Book Club Recommended
Poorly Written, Optimistic, Fun
thursday murder club

fun dialogue and characters, but the mystery was pathetic

Romantic, Fun, Insightful

The Stationery Shop by Marjan Kamali
Interesting, Informative, Unconvincing
the stationery shop

Great until the end, too much of a coincidence. Wonderful insight into iranian culture

Who is Maud Dixon?: A Novel by Alexandra Andrews
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Addictive
who is maud dixon

contemporary, believeable mystery

Dramatic, Insightful, Informative

Win by Harlan Coben
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Dramatic

A side character of previous books by Harlan Coben, gets to step into the spotlight.

We learn about Win's past and his rich excess is fun to discover.

The Plot: A Novel by Hanff Jean Korelitz
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Adventurous, Dramatic
the plot

thought the twist was easily guessed

Anxious People: A Novel by Backman Fredrik
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Insightful
anxious people

What a masterpiece. Readers have to be patient until all the threads are woven together at the ending

Dramatic, Insightful, Addictive
The last house on the street

Interesting, but an old story line.

IQ by Joe Ide
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Dramatic, Adventurous

A street same kid who uses his observational skills to solve neighborhood crimes.

Not sure how my group will do with the "spicey" language

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Fun, Addictive
the last bus to wisdom

wonderful found family coming to age travel story.

Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Optimistic, Interesting
remarkably bright creatures

wonderful characters, humors lines, thoughtful plotting

Unconvincing, Addictive, Boring
All good people here

Writer gave up at the end, repetitive at times, characters not well drawn

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