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Unconvincing, Insightful, Interesting
No likeable characters.

The one * is only because it's not a good referral guide; but can be a fun read nonetheless.

This is only a good book referral if you just need a one sentence summary to determine if a book is worth your time. I was frustrated that there wasn't more information on each book. My one star rating is that there's just not enough information on any of the books to consider this to be a guide as to what to read next (at least for those of us who aren't readaholics). Nancy Pearl has a great sense of humor & is a lively writer, but it's apparent that she will read anything.I've learned that it's better to get a book recommendation from someone who has more discretion about what he/she reads &/or has an active life outside of reading.The best recommendations are from people who are very busy/or don't care to read much but found a book that they couldn't put down.

Fun, Insightful, Pointless
Made me laugh out loud

Despite her fame & great success, Nora Ephron is still very much a homegirl. You may need to be over 40 like me to get some of the humor, but I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a laugh or needs to know that there is someone out there who thinks like she does about the need to get a dog when your kids are teens so someone is happy to see you when you get home. It's also great if you need a book that you pick up & put down over several weeks/months.

Interesting, Slow, Fun
One of My All Time Favorites!

This non-fiction book reads like an unputdownable novel. Great writing--it's suspenseful but also laugh out loud funny. I've read it several times. I also recommend the unabridged audio book.

Middlesex: A Novel by Jeffrey Eugenides
Interesting, Dramatic, Epic
Compelling, fascinating, page turner

I had no interest in reading this book. I read the summary and had no desire to waste anytime reading it. I only read it because it was my book club's choice. Couldn't put it down. I really learned a lot--about history and about the strange, sad, difficult world of hermaphrodites. Jeffrey Eugenides writes a sympathetic but not sentimental story. Hard to put down. Hard to forget.

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