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Book Club Recommended
Dark, Slow, Interesting
The Goldfinch

Out of 10 members in our book club, the majority really liked the book, a couple liked the beginning & end but got bogged down in the middle & a couple didn\\\'t like it at all. I found it hard to put down!

Life After Life: A Novel by Kate Atkinson
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Confusing, Insightful
Life After Life

\"Puzzled me\", \"Confusing\", \"Exasperating, too long & too many characters\", \"Gave up trying to keep everything straight\" are some of the comments. But, overall, the book club found it interesting & a good book for discussion, especially regarding choices & the \"what if\'s\" in life.

The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Inspiring

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Addictive, Interesting
The Girl of the Train

Mixed reaction from our book group - some enjoyed the book & others did not due to the unlikeable characters. Tended to be confusing (especially on audiobook) as the story was told by 3 different women, past & present.

Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Insightful, Dramatic
A Different WWII Story

Not only about a blind girl but about turning a blind eye to what is happening around you. Beautifully written, liked by 10 of our 12 book club members. Great discussion questions.

Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Insightful
The Rosie Project

Laugh out loud funny, interesting characters & look at Asperger syndrome. A refreshing summer book selection for our book club.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Inspiring, Dramatic

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Interesting, Boring
Spool of Blue Thread

Mixed reviews from our book club members but a great discussion regarding family issues & dysfunction. Some found confusing due to multiple characters & time changes & ending seemed a bit abrupt.

The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Inspiring, Interesting

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Beautiful
Me Before You

Heartbreaking story, fully developed characters, thought provoking regarding right to die issues, a book club favorite

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Adventurous, Interesting
The Little Paris Bookshop

Not a favorite of our book club - most liked it, no one loved it - but an interesting discussion nevertheless. A couple of us wanted to give the protagonist, Perdu, a good shake. He & another main character, Max, were pretty self-absorbed people. Brooding over what Perdu perceives as rejection by a lover for 21 years? Get over it! Some good quotes about grief though & a few slightly humorous sections. And the idea of a book barge & a person who can intuit what book a person should read was pretty interesting as well as the descriptions of their travels along the Seine.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Insightful, Dark
Station Eleven

A disturbing but fascinating story - of our 10 members, 2 liked it, 6 were glad we read it & 2 didn't like it but certainly made for an interesting discussion!

A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Insightful, Beautiful

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Insightful
The GIrls of Atomic City

Fascinating story & a great book discussion. The author's website provides a lot of additional information, photos & videos.

Book Club Recommended
Beautiful, Romantic, Insightful
Te Art of Hearing Heartbeats

A lovely story about a daughter, Julia, who travels to Burma to search for her father, who suddenly disappeared, after finding a love letter he had written to a woman there many years ago. Makes us wonder - "What do we really know about our parents?"

Bittersweet: A Novel by Colleen McCullough
Pointless, Unconvincing, Slow

Choppy, repetitious in parts, characters not fully developed. The historical elements were interesting, especially the sex discrimination women faced & effects of Depression in post-WWI Australia, as well as the bond between the two sets of twin sisters, but a disappointing novel by the author of "The Thorn BIrds".

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty
Book Club Recommended
Slow, Dramatic, Insightful
Truly Madly Guilty

This is the 3rd book by Liane Moriarty that our book club has read & members felt it wasn't quite as good as her previous novels - a bit too long & an anticlimactic ending. But the author effectively deals with women's issues & emotions & her characters are fully developed. A very good book club choice - also recommended, "Her Husband's Secret" & "Big Little Lies"

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Informative, Inspiring

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