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The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
Great Read

Great book about the privileged lives of the women in the 1960s time of monthly bridge games and Junior League Meetings and the other ladies behind the scenes who make life bearable for them. You get a good sense of both sides, black and white, of the way life is for them and see the trials and tribulations of what the "help" go through to keep the peace, keep their heads down, and keep their jobs.

Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
A History lesson within a great story

A lady is writing about the 50th anniversary of the Vél' d'Hiv', a roundup of French Jews BY French police to be shipped off to their death in Auschwitz. She uncovers a link between her in-laws and a family who was taken that day. The more she uncovers, the more her family gets upset. The book is written in both the present and past alternating between the writer and the girl who is the family link.

I never knew about this tragedy in Paris and I learned a lot about it without feeling as tho I was reading an encyclopedia on the Holocaust. There are some sad parts in the book, but it relates to the story, and the story is BRILLIANT. I loved this book!

The Tricking of Freya by Christina Sunley
Book Club Recommended
Interesting, Dramatic, Adventurous
Great Read

I really liked this book. We all have that family member who is a little out of control and crazy--and this book keeps you clinging to what this woman will do next to a little girl who is being raised by her by circumstance. A mystery uncovers itself and the adult child is going to do everything it takes to get to the bottom of the story. I wasn't expecting so much of the Iclandic language, history and geography in the book; I was drawn in by the mystery of the family secret, but I really enjoyed the educational benefits the book had to offer. I have an Icelandic friend and I saw a lot of parallels of her life and family to the character's description of life in Iceland and her family. If you like Iceland or ever wondered about it--I'm sure you will LOVE this book.

Book Club Recommended
You won't put this book down!

Get comfortable before starting this book, because once you start, you will keep going until you finish! The book is written by both Ling sisters in a consecutive timeline recalling the events leading up to Laura and Euna Lee's capture, through the duration of their captivity, and after they were finally brought home. I and everyone I've lent the book to have LOVED it!! It is a definate book club must!

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Beautiful, Dramatic
Secrets and Guessing

Set on Bainbridge Island, WA, Emily finds a diary in a room in her Aunt's house that she's never been in. As she tries to uncover the author of this diary and if the story she has read is true, she uncovers a web of secrets that have been buried for decades.

This book was a page turner. I wished it was longer...

The Lost Hours by Karen White
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Beautiful, Interesting
Great Story

Family secrets GALORE! This book keeps a hold of you until the very end of the book! A story of inspiration and working through physical limitations and injuries.

Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Insightful, Informative
In the Face of Excellence!!

This book is simply the best story of someone who lived through the holocaust I have ever read. The story follows a young girl and her family through the Second World War in Poland. You really get a good look and feel of the traditions of the Jewish people since she describes everything as though you are right there with them. This also makes you feel connected to everyone in the family...immediate and extended.

Another thing that I liked about the book is that it didn't linger too much on one single thing. She gets a lot covered in this book because she keeps moving on to the next thing that happened. Even though the book still covers horrific and very graphic things, I felt I had the sense of "moving on" and small chapters helped in this as you have a "stopping place" if you want to put the book down and pick up fresh with the next chapter.

There are grammatical errors throughout the book and I'm not sure if they were left on purpose or not...but for me, it really gave a feel of "English as a second language" and wasn't bothered by it at all.

I read the Kindle version of this book and actually found it easier to type the footnotes out so I would have them right in front of me as I read. With my older Kindle, it was a little hard to go back and forth so much and save where I had left off. With my new Kindle Fire, there would have been no problem as you can bookmark and go back MUCH easier! The paper copies have the footnotes listed in the back of the book and can be easily referred to.

All in All -- five stars, hands down.

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