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Woah! Is Hurcules using his mind-powers to make me feel sorry for him?

Talk about wierd! A bastard child who is completely deformed somehow matches up with a beautiful woman born in the same brothel as himself. Not only this, he can read minds and then control the reactions of people who look at him. Hmmm, I found this slightly unnerving since I found myself feeling sorry for him and wanting him to have the beautiful woman for a wife. Was he controlling me through his psychic powers? I really thought the book was strange(er) when Henriette and him decide to be lovers depite her being married. When Henriette succums to a tragic death, Hercules seeks revenge in the most gruesome way.

Many in the book club cheered for this book and thought it was great, others were the other extreme.

Useful Idiots by Jan Mark
The ending, or lack of, will make you feel you wasted your time reading the book.

This book left out the ending, literally! I was very disappointed at the end of the book and groaned aloud as I finished the last word. If the author had made a more complete ending, I think this book would have better potential as a book club book. Aside from the ending, the author plants a seed of curiosity in the reader's mind about the future and what could happen: the global warming issue, health, "Big Brother", nationalism and political instability. I wish the author had developed more storyline of her futuristic lifestyle. I also found the language difficult in some areas. The author was British, so I wasn't familiar with British slang and landscape terminology. I also found it confusing that the author would explain what was happening in the story line but then have it repeated in the dialog of the main character. I found it distracting not being able to piece the puzzle together in my own time. I also thought the names of the characters detracted from the story. I thought they were hard to pronounce and weird. I also thought that many of the characters presented were not fully developed and could have been left out of the story altogether.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Dramatic, Interesting, Dark
An excentric story-teller unweaves her past revealing amazing secrets

This is a great book! I loved every page and was completely engaged the entire way through. I love the way the author writes and I loved how the themes of incest, ghosts, murder, insanity, love and despare were woven together to create a story worth reading. I was constatntly suprised at the twists and turns the novel took - it kept me on my toes! Our book club really enjoyed this book and we also uncovered some interesting twists and turns while discussing the book that some of us overlooked (lots of goose-bumps and "oh my's")! I also appreciated how the author "completed" the book and wrapped up the ending in a nice way. I felt satisfied and happy with the ending. This is a must read!!

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood
Dramatic, Brilliant, Interesting
A twisting-turning, who-done-it set in the early 1800s Canada.

The club really enjoyed reading this novel. There was so much to discuss leading us into some great debates about the characters, parallel themeing, women's lib, and more! A 'must read' for clubs.

A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell
Informative, Adventurous, Insightful
Lots of Characters!!

I personally found this book to be boring! Everyone else in the club liked it. I found the enormous amount of characters and ther aliases made the book too complicated to keep track of the "real" story line. I didn't like the ficticious locations since I enjoy history and the book's plot takes place during WWII in occupied Italy.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Book Club Recommended
Dark, Interesting, Dramatic
The Handmaid's Tale

Atwood did a fabulous job of writing this book. She used a very original style which enhanced the story. Super book for book clubs for women since this book centered around a post-nuclear war era and the roles women were slated to. Themes of women's relationships with mothers, friends, men and society prevailed. Addictive and thought-provoking story line.

The Kitchen House: A Novel by Kathleen Grissom
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Insightful

Great book. Story line kept me interested and wanting to know how the plot would eventually turn out. Underlying theme was "denial". Very original theme sense the author managed to include every form of a possible human want into something that was denied to them. Enjoyed the plantation setting and the 18th century time and way of life.

Confusing, Pointless, Interesting
Waste of Time!

This was the choice of the month for our book club and not one person was able to finish this book! The story was so confusing, none of us could keep the characters straight or even understand why they were even being written about. The plot seemed disjointed. Waste of time (even if you're really bored!).

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