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The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
Great book club selection

Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
Wonderful Book!

Loving Frank: A Novel by Nancy Horan
Informative, Interesting, Dramatic
Just couldn't get through it.

My book club had mixed reviews about this book. Over half of us didn't finish the book, myself included. Maybe it gets better, but I lost interest waiting for the tempo to pick up.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Informative, Interesting
Amazing book

Difficult subject that most people prefer to shy away from, yet so much a part of so many lives. I loved that this book was written from the point of view of someone who is actually suffering from early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Very insightful. Almost haunting. I read it months ago and still can't get it out of my mind.

Slow, Difficult, Romantic
A waste of time...

I couldn't get half way through this book, and neither could the other members of my book club. We all sat there wondering who had suggested it to begin with. I still am very confused about why this book had such critical acclaim and praise. It was incredibly boring and the main character was to creepy to really care about. His 'romance' seemed more like stalking to me. Don't waste your time with this book.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Interesting
A book that you won't forget.

A book that you won't forget. I loved that it took me to a place and time that I knew very little about. The story was so well written and the characters were well developed and complex. I couldn't get them out of my mind.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
Didn't want to love it, but I did.

I put off reading The Hunger Games books because the storyline seemed so harsh. But I decided to try after reading they were published by Scholastic and written for young adults. I was immediately hooked and finished all 3 novels in less than a week. Wow. I could not stop thinking about Katniss and Peeta, and months later, am still haunted by them. These books are so worth your time. I know I will never forget these characters or their stories. So glad I decided to try The Hunger Games.

Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Informative, Beautiful
A sweet love story.

I really enjoyed this story and the characters.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Insightful, Beautiful
Book club loved it.

We had a great discussion about this book. So many topics came up. Everyone agreed that they really enjoyed reading it. Another book written for young adults that many adults appreciate.

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Informative, Inspiring
Very very good.

I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down. I have recommended it to many others since. We plan to read it in book club when it's available in paperback.

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Insightful, Interesting

I was curious to read from someone who stayed behind in New Orleans, but I had no idea how this story would unfold. What happened to Zeitoun was riveting. I read this book in a day because I couldn't put it down. So enlightening.

Little Bee: A Novel by Chris Cleave
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Insightful, Interesting
Didn't live up to it's description.

Cutting for Stone: A Novel by Abraham Verghese
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Interesting

Couldn't put it down and it's characters haunted me for long after I was finished. Easily one of the best books I've ever read.

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Adventurous, Interesting
4 1/2 stars

Lots of suspense. I didn't want to put it down. Maybe a little predictable, but I loved it.

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