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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Book Club Recommended
Romantic, Beautiful
If you come down on the Jacob side of the Twilight triangle...

...then this is the book you want to spend time with.

Book Club Recommended
Graphic, Dramatic, Epic
This ain't Disney

Brom's Peter is a modern urban fairytale where the centuries-old forever-child Peter leads children fleeing from drugs, sexual abuse, and lives in which they don't matter into a world where they are made to fight for their survival. These Lost Boys bear more of a resemblance to "Lord of the Flies" than any cutesy animated troupe.

Easy by Kerry Cohen Hoffmann
Book Club Recommended
Life Changing, Persuasive, Dark
"Easy" is hard but necessary

The story of one girl's slow descent into Hell. She doesn't fall, per se, nor is she pushed; each step lower is a conscious, reasoned act. It's an honest, hurting look at sexuality and one young girl's craving for male attention. Any male attention.

Identical by Ellen Hopkins
Book Club Recommended
Dark, Brilliant, Beautiful
A Family Beyond Dysfunctional

Meet the Gardella family. Daddy Ray is a respected judge. Mother Kay is on the tail end of a seemingly successful run for Congress. And the readers are treated to a view inside the family through the eyes of twin daughters Kaeleigh and Raeanne. And how does this picture perfect family come across when seen through those eyes?

Two words: Effed up. Not quirky. Not dysfunctional. Completely, hopelessly, unbelievably effed up. So it shouldn't be surprising that their tale is told by the queen of writing about effed up situations, Ellen Hopkins.


Good Omens by Neil Gaiman
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Confusing
It's the End of the World as We Know It -- and We Feel Fine

Gaiman's darkness and Pratchett's light come together to form the most delightful and humorous apocalypse ever put to page. When Sister Mary Loquacious of the Chattering Order loses Satan's child in a shell game of swapped babies, it becomes a game of "Antichrist, Antichrist, Who's Raising the Antichrist?" Meanwhile, the original serpent and the original guardian of Eden -- now quite good friends -- discover that working toward a thing for millenia, and having it actually happen, are two entirely different things.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
A Landmark Title in YA Literature

Layered with more than a few surprises and chock full of nail-biting action and suspense, The Hunger Games is a plot deserving to be savored, a story demanding to be devoured, and, with the turn of each page, an adventure that leaves you craving more.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Epic
Enter a new world of reading adventure!

Brandon Mull's Fablehaven is a five-book epic that ought to be considered the American answer to Harry Potter.

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