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The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
Strength and Character

We really enjoyed reading this book as a group. The powerful women inspired us, and the story captivated us. Challenging topics such as: racism, bigotry, and second-class status brought about wonderful conversations and discussions. Highly recommended!

Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Insightful, Beautiful
The Art

We loved this book even though there were sad moments. It was inspiring! Live each day fully! We loved reading from the dog's point of view - it made us look from a different perspective.

Hidden Wives by Claire Avery
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Romantic, Fantastic
Hidden Wives by Claire Avery

Two teenage sisters, a polygamist sect, and many horrible secrets fill the pages of "Hidden Wives." Rachel and Sara live in a home with their father, his wives, and other children, part of Blood of the Lamb sect. Rachel is determined to live the Principle, but Sara has her doubts due to her pending marriage to her uncle. Neither girl wants to defy the church, but something isn't right. Is Rachel really so beautiful that she causes men to lust after her? Is Sara really so rebellious that she deserves the punishments she endures? Can they escape before it's too late? Come meet Sara and Rachel, along with their family, Prophet Silver, Luke, Irvin, and Ernadine as their story unfolds before you.

This book read like something right out of today's news. The story was so compelling, the situations so real, that we all had a difficult time putting the book down. No one should ever have to live this way. We enjoyed our discussion, commenting on topics like: polygamy, incest, rape, interracial relationships, child abuse, and suicide. We still talk about it!

A Soft Place to Land: A Novel by Susan Rebecca White
Book Club Recommended
Boring, Slow, Unconvincing
A Soft Place to Land

Two half-sisters, sent to live apart from each other after the death of their mother and father/step-father. One to live with her biological father, the other now an orphan, to live with relatives she doesn't really know. Each girl must make choices in her life, each needing reassurance from the other. But, what happens while they are apart? How do they deal with that, and what happens when betrayal comes into the picture? Will these sisters find in each other "A Soft Place to Land"?
We all really enjoyed this book, and were happy to win our copies here. Our discussion covered things like: choices parents make without really thinking (guardianship), bonds between sisters (siblings), the effects the death of parents have on children, betrayal, and forgiveness. It would be great to have a sequel to tie up the loose ends.

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