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The author shares her love of reading with her students and the reader.

Azar Nafisi's memoir was a challenging read - we all had a little trouble keeping the characters straight due to the foreign names - but the overall feel of the book was wonderful. Reading gave these women a chance to escape the terrors of the revolution and the war, and the story gives us perspective on how fortunate we are to be able to read what we want when we want. We all felt the desire to reread or read for the first time the novels/stories Nafisi's book club discussed.

Upon the death of her ferryboat captain father, Arlyn Singer decides she will marry the next man she meets. She sets about to do this, and the results of her encounter follow.

Skylight Confessions is a tragic story and as a result is somewhat of a downer, however the characters have qualities that make the reader want to see them succeed and have a happy life if that is possible. There were times in the book that the characters and their story were just getting interesting only to have the author skip ahead in time and leave out details of what happened in their lives. Our book group had a good discussion about this book, but didn't rate it as one of our favorites.

The memoir of Kate Braestrup whose husband, a Maine state troopers was killed while on his way to work. She becomes a chaplain for the Maine state game warden department and the book relates some of

Here If You Need Me is a quick read, and at first I didn't think we'd have much to discuss. I am always surprised at how each person comes with such different perspectives to a story - all due to the different life experiences we each have. Most of us felt we wouldn't have gotten past the first chapter if there weren't a positive outcome. That being said, you'll want to keep reading to see what other situations Kate becomes involved with in relation to her work as the game dept. chaplain.

Songs Without Words by Ann Packer
A novel about friendship and suicide and depression and how different people deal with these issues.

Ann Packer's novel is very realistic and deals with a very tough subject. It is not a real uplifting story, but it does have a hopeful ending. It did lead to a great discussion - one that needed little to no help from the discussion/reading guide questions!

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