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Fun, Interesting, Inspiring
Great book to kick off a new book club

This was a fun book with lots of great characters. This was the first book our club read. We were a collection of ladies who didn't know each other, but formed our club through a variety of connections. Reading and discussing this book was so much fun and was not intimidating; everyone got involved.

Rush Home Road: A Novel by Lori Lansens
Optimistic, Beautiful
Wonderful story

The main characters are a 6 year old girl abandoned by her mother and an elderly black woman who takes her in. The events in the story are mostly about the life of Addy, the old woman. The author weaves in current events with the child seamlessly. It's a wonderful story, sad at times but inspiring as well. Many characters come in and out of Addy's life, how they impact her makes for interesting discussion. The ending is both happy and sad.

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan
Interesting, Insightful, Optimistic
Excellent memoir

I'm not usually a big fan of memoirs, but Kelly Corrigan does a great job of weaving her life and the events that lead her to write this book together into an entertaining and moving story. Lots of great discussion in my book club about our own lives and relationships with family came from reading this book. Worth reading even if you're not in a book club, but even better if you are!

Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Informative, Interesting
Different and Enlightening

Loved this book and it made for alot of lively and intersting discussion within our book club. It really helps you to better undertstand the mind of someone with autism.

Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts
Book Club Recommended
Inspiring, Optimistic, Graphic
Billie Letts does it again

She never fails to disappoint me. I get engrossed in her characters and their stories. The main characters here are children and much of what happens to them is disturbing to even think about really happening. It's a great story that is over before you know it.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
Great book

Rarely do I read a book twice, much less write a review. This book for some reason just captured me. I was engrossed in the characters and stunned by the treatment women receive in Afghanistan. Our book club read it and we had some really lively discussion. This is on my list as one of my favorites; I really enjoyed Kite Runner as well. The writing is beautiful.

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