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The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg
Dramatic, Dark, Interesting
the part and the whole

Wow. It's a really thought provoking book. Everything is as subjective and open to interpretation as the photos that the author describes b/w chapters, but everything is also as clear as the images captured in film.

Sibling relationships are certainly a focus in this book, but so is reality and the myths we construct to make sense of our lifetimes. What is truth? How honest are we really, with ourselves and with others? How do the memories we choose to retain and re-tell change the shape of the reality we actually experienced?

Everything circles back into itself, the narrator's past weaves into her present and even influences the lives of her own children. I found this disorienting and yet so true of real life. Despite the fact that this is a novel with a distinct plot, it also has the messiness of life as we actually live it. Somehow in the neat chapters, Berg has smeared in all the shades of gray and unresolved qualities of real life.

What really amazed me about this book is how often I could feel loathing, compassion, bewilderment and recognition all at the same time while getting acquainted with Laura. I just finished reading it and I'm still spinning. There's a lot to digest in there. It's definitely a good book club pick.

Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge
Inspiring, Beautiful, Insightful
A freelance food writer comes to terms with her relationship with her mother and her childhood.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was funny, sad, vivid...

The descriptions of Oregon were strong enough to make me feel as though I were there.

All of the characters felt very real. The author managed to juggle Eleanor's professional, family, personal and love life without diminishing any of them.

In the course of the novel, Eleanor evolves, but it's a slow, unfolding process, not a simplistic straight line journey to perfection.

It had all the familiar plot lines of a fluffy little novel, but the sincerity of the story and the depth of all of the characters make it rise above a simple story of a woman weathering the passing of her beloved "uncle."

I know I'm not doing this book justice. It's appealing on so many levels! To the food lover, the food addict, the romance novel reader, the professional, daughters, sisters... It's beautifully written, the pacing is excellent, the story is gripping. I unreservedly recommend it.

Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
looking at an old life to revitalize an existing one

I love this book. The story is gripping: a young man joins the circus after the death of his parents and falls in love with a married woman. But the framework of the story is brilliant, with the aged young man reflecting on his earlier life. Getting to know the grown (90? 93 y.o.) man as he reflects upon his past was a wonderful experience.

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