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Fun, Inspiring, Interesting

I am blown away by this debut novel by ….

Throughout this entire book I just kept thinking “this book is SO good, I can’t believe how good this book is, I need everyone to read this book.”

I will most definitely re-read this book it was that good. I wish I could buy you all copies I enjoyed it that much.

Every character was so well written and brought to life. I adored Six-Thirty ???? and Mad.

Elizabeth Zott pioneer and trailblazer whose no nonsense, tell it like it is made me want to channel my own inner “Zott”

It also made me want to re-take my college chemistry class and pay more attention.

So here’s to all those badass, pioneer, trailblazing women who put up with so much and made it possible for me to write a check without my husbands consent, get a degree, have my own bank account, vote, and much much more. Thank you to all the Elizabeth Zott’s who came before.

Informative, Interesting, Insightful

The Measure: A Novel by Nikki Erlick
Insightful, Life Changing, Interesting

This book will definitely make you think, feel, and want to discuss it with someone. “The measure of your life lies within” that is what is written on the boxes that show up all across the world inside holding the answer to when your life will end. Will you have a short string or a long string? Will you look inside the box? Do you want to know your fate or the fates of those you love?

The Measure follows 8 people and intertwines their stories beautifully. This would be a wonderful bookclub or buddy read book with great discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel and the thought provoking original story.

Beautiful, Optimistic, Interesting

Interesting, Addictive, Dark

The writing felt very flat, the characters underdeveloped, the present timeline not adding much to the story overall. I felt the young girl in the past timeline was written like an adult. Not enough backstory on the witch. The current timeline the main character found everything too easily. This one wasn’t for me.

Addictive, Interesting, Adventurous

The story drew me in and I wanted to keep reading. It felt like a little something was missing but overall I enjoyed it!

The Five-Star Weekend by Elin Hilderbrand
Fun, Optimistic, Inspiring

5 ??s for The Five Star Weekend
What a delightful, fun, emotional story set in beautiful Nantucket. My first Elin Hilderbrand book and definitely not my last. I can’t believe I waited so long to read one of hers. I loved the idea of inviting 4 friends one from each part of your life (up to a certain age) on a girls weekend. I loved the different POVs, backstories, and connections. The perfect summer read!

Horse: A Novel by Geraldine Brooks
Informative, Interesting, Insightful

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