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The Christie Affair: A Novel by Nina de Gramont
Pointless, Interesting, Adventurous

I had major difficulties with the first 72% of this book. I could not understand why Nan was important or what she had to say was important. It was not until the last chapter of part 2 that it started to make sense. The best part of the book is from that point on. Do I sorta wish parts of the story were true? Yes! At one point in the story you, the reader, are given a situation and you have to decide if it is true or not. You are given the options and the conclusion is yours but by the end you know what Nan believes and since it is her story that is what matters. I truly could not understand why I needed to have backstory on Nan and what she went through. I now get it. I just wish I had been given that one piece at the start. I think I would have enjoyed the the entire book if that had been the case. Also, you should not skim or fast forward through this book. You need ALL the hints Nan gives you.

Below are texts I sent with regards to my thoughts on this book while I was reading it and may help explain why the first 2/3 bothered me so.

And this Christie book â?¦.. I might be listening to it but it is messing with me. I am somewhat confused. Also why do I even want to know anything about the mistress?? I get she is the one telling the story but idc. She is a nobody. What happened in her life whether real or pretend I could care less about.

I do not understand the purpose of the Here Lies Sister Mary chapters. I am like what are they for? Filler or is their a point I have not figured out yet. And I am 29% into it. It is well written and is not bad but geez what the mistress thinks happened is irrelevant. She has her own objective. Even at one point sound like she wants Agatha to have killed herself. ??????????? (This is not a spoiler since when Ms.Christie did disappear IRL that was a conclusion.)

Graphic, Boring, Beautiful

I felt this book dragged on about 3 hours too long. I expected a major conflict or issue and for me I did not see one. There may have been one but I did not see one. Other than getting to know the characters I am not sure I got more than the blurb gave me. Not saying it is not well written. Just not my cup of tea. There seemed to be lots of the same conversations. There might not have been it just felt that way. I did love the woodworking sections.

Fun, Life Changing, Dramatic

I enjoyed this series but I think it needs to be read in order. Otherwise there are spoilers you will have for the prior books. I have enjoyed every book I have read of KWH. While I think she did a great job with the series I think she does better on stand alone books. This was series was like one long drawn out book. In fact it could have been 1 book. It is not like there are not books out there that are the length of these three books in one book.

Four Winds by Kristin Hannah
Informative, Insightful, Beautiful

I loved the whole book. It reminds me of Grapes of Wrath which is my all time favorite book. The ending of course made me cry. And since I listened to the book I got to listen to the interview with Kristin and Julia Whelan. I enjoyed hearing the back story about how Kristen thought she was writing a different book but was actually writing the daughter’s story. Edited: this book made my top 5 reads of 2021. Highly recommend.

Addictive, Dramatic, Interesting

This book had me shocked ???? and saying fuuuuudge a few times. So many clues. Which ones are important? Who has been abducted? Who did it? Will there be a happy ending?? ??????????? you will have to read the book to find out. This was my first book by this author. She kept me thinking and guessing. I had suspects. I swapped suspects. I knew one of the reasons. What you think is true may not be true or it is true but twisted. I absolutely recommend this book if you like figuring out who the guilty party is. This book will take you on a rollercoaster????of twists and turns. Your head may spin with theories. But in the end it will become clear. Enjoy and Happy Reading!!!

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