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The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship by Andrea Israel, Nancy Garfinkel
Optimistic, Interesting, Fun

I almost put this book down, I disliked the characters that much. But then I thought it might have some merit, if the authors were able to produce such a strong response, even if it was negative

Mexican Gothic by Moreno-Garcia Silvia
Unconvincing, Slow, Beautiful

Very strange book but not in a good way. I heard they�¢??ll be making a tv show based on it. I think the plot will lend itself much better to media where the strange phenomenons can be better represented and more vivid.


Great book except for the ending. The end was too simple. It needed a better way to either bring it back to reality or prove the supernatural. Also the outcome of her relationships needed to be fleshed out.

Alias Emma: A Novel by Ava Glass
Fun, Adventurous

I listened to this book and I highly recommend it. It was fast paced and fun. It felt like watching an action, spy thriller. I am giving it a 4 because I’d like to see a little more development to the ending but the body of the book was fantastic.

Informative, Interesting, Inspiring

I was expecting a fast paced thriller but this was more of a fictional biography. Interesting information but boring delivery.

Informative, Interesting, Slow

While the subject matter was interesting, the plot was extremely flat and boring. Waited all book for a peak and the only climax was a minor part of the book. Could’ve done so much more with a historical fiction.

Romantic, Interesting, Insightful

Cute book and perfect for a light read if you need your happy ending fix. However, some of the twists weren’t that surprising and had pretty expected outcomes.

Heartburn by Nora Ephron
Slow, Adventurous, Optimistic

What should’ve been a quick read, took much too long. I liked the plot and I liked the method of story telling. I just didn’t like the main character’s voice. Rachel’s delivery of events was boring even though the event itself was interesting. My favorite part was the random interjection of recipes loosely connected to plot points. That connection was hilarious but Rachel was not.

Optimistic, Interesting, Adventurous

What a fun “beach read”! It had me laughing out loud in public as I listened to the book. Not the most realistic storyline but the character development was great and made you feel emotionally connected, positively to certain characters and infuriated by others. Didn’t realize it was part of a series so I’ll have to backtrack and check out the first book!

Dark, Inspiring, Adventurous

This book was challenging for me, not because it was a bad book but because it made me rethink some of my choices and my role in relationships. Well written and a great way to approach such a touchy topic. Can’t say I would want to read it twice but I’m glad I did once.

Beautiful, Optimistic, Interesting

I LOVED this book! I’m not usually drawn to these types of characters but the interaction and interconnection between species(!!!) and generations was beautiful. It broke my heart and then sewed it back together, sometimes in the same chapter.

Adventurous, Confusing, Interesting

Easy, casual read. Great idea for a plot but it needed to be fleshed out more. The relationships between and backstory/motives for each character needed more detail. Those items were stated rather than developed. The big “reveal” was rather obvious. I enjoyed it enough to finish but I didn’t stay up all hours to do so.

Afterlife by Alvarez Julia
Slow, Adventurous, Interesting

The book was easy enough to get through because it was short but it didn’t grab my attention. The book jacket does a poor job of marketing the book, since the description is not reflective of the plot. The supporting characters weren’t as developed as I would have liked. Overall, interesting topics but subpar delivery.

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