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Informative, Interesting, Adventurous

Good versus evil tales are very satisfying but ultimately the sweetness becomes cloying. The stories we really ought to be studying are the conflicts between murky and murkier. Browder does not take us there.

He writes a simple story. Its ostensible goal is to extol Magnitsky but it's real goal is to wrap Browder in a cloak of moral infallibility. He succeeds most remarkably.

Read it on all its levels.

Insightful, Interesting, Inspiring

Definitely a five star book. But I try to resist books that I think are manipulating my emotions. Resistance is futile. It is moving and poignant and like Bob I shed tears as I finished the book.

A crew is an unusual kind of team. It requires a unity that is very rare. One can well imagine the satisfaction that comes from pulling together perfectly. We frequently have occasion to work in a coordinated way with others, receiving and making hand-offs. We don't need similar aptitudes to function in such teams and our intensity changes as we move in and out of our team function. One star can pull the team out of a difficult situation. It seems less so with a crew. No one can lean on a star. No star can attribute team success to himself.

The book created a longing in me for this and a sense of loss and resignation that achieving this was not a likely. It also caused remorse over my failures to step up. Another frustration was the realization that as much as one desires the experience of a team, as much as one is committed to it, one cannot create the team alone.

The coaches mix and match until they find a team that works but most of us must make the most of the team we've got.

Informative, Interesting, Adventurous

It's an interesting account of of the interface of an industrial/agrarian society with a hunter gatherer society. It's ironic that the principal early advantage of the Comanche came from the introduction of the horse by western conquerors. It gave the Comanche a means to reinvent their culture and to prolong the death of the race. The horse was just one precursor to their continued adoption and reliance on Western culture. In fact they could hardly exist without trading arrangements with their bitter foes.

We may see some analogs in Western relations with China. China really was nothing until they opened up trade with the West but it is very hostile trade and risks destroying both sides of the trade.

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