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Edges: O Israel, O Palestine by Leora Skolkin-Smith
Beautiful, Interesting, Poorly Written
A book about family dynamics set in Isreal

The book has many things to discuss, however, it could have gone much deeper into WHY???

The Vendetta Defense by Lisa Scottoline
much to discuss about moral issues

Female detective book

A very good read, but I don't know how much there is to discuss. Typical mystery!

The Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood
Inspiring, Insightful, Adventurous
A stone travelling through time with women

I thought this was an excellent discussion book; so many different opinions!!!

The Collectors by David Baldacci
Dramatic, Adventurous, Interesting
great detective book

I think this book has a lot of twists and turns and government intrigue. A must for book discussion

Dramatic, Interesting, Beautiful
Fantastic book to discuss

I think, especially because it is written by a white male, there are so many things to discuss; i.e., relgion, ethnicity, food, honor, traditions. Our book club talked for 2 hours about this book!

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Interesting, Informative, Beautiful
Be thankful your a woman

I think this was one of the most moving books I ever read

Interesting, Fun, Adventurous
Great discussion over some great food

Very interesting book about dysfunctionality along with great recipes. What could be better?

All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane

This was one of the hardest reads I ever had!!! The running of the mouth of this author was ridiculous. Thank goodness it was only 225 pages!!!!

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
Interesting, Dramatic, Informative
good read; very fast paced

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
Interesting, Inspiring, Dramatic
Great discussion book - so much to talk about

This book is one of those great books that triumphs what happened in the past to be not so bad!!!

Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
So interesting!

I didn't want to read this book in the beginning; I am so glad I did. Interesting, sad, happy - too many emotions to list!

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Dramatic, Interesting, Dark
Fast paced!

Keeps you guessing!

Gloomy, Interesting, Life Changing
Many different stories rolled into one!

This book is great for discussion! Many different lives intermingled by a single thread of yarn!

Fun, Adventurous, Graphic
very entertaining; however not much to discuss

I enjoyed this book but I don't think there is a discussion to be had about it!

Confusing, Interesting, Beautiful
couldn't keep the characters straight.

I was very confused in this book because there seemed to be so many stories going on and constantly introducing new characters!

Dramatic, Interesting, Insightful
good discussion

Stone Cold by David Baldacci
Adventurous, Confusing, Persuasive
Great book in a great series!

too long winded; too religious

Good idea but not carried through enough!

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
Birth of Venus

I found this book to be very rich in art history and the overall history of Florence. Much to discuss as I really liked the strong female lead!

Mike and Psmith by P. G. Wodehouse
Mike and PSmith

Not good for book club. Not much to talk about.

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