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Insightful, Informative, Epic
eloquent and fascinating group of heroines

Informative, Interesting, Dark
architecture, engineering and a murder mystery

an easy interesting account of the hassles of starting a business in an island nation

If you love the Caribbean and eating you'll likely enjoy this book.

Fun, Insightful, Graphic
Beautifully written historical fiction.

Most of our book club enjoyed this book. All of us who attended the meeting agreed it was difficult to start or 'get into'. Once we all got past the first 50-70 pages we loved it. Some people were overwhelmed with the French words, but we all enjoyed the intertwining story of Renoir and his friends and the models he employed. We talked about how he could see the finished product, the paints he used, his bike accident, his past lovers and the difficult lives the characters all lived in post war France.

Dramatic, Brilliant, Informative
historical fiction that may have more truth than we know

A real pager turner that gives a different insight into the horrors the Jews experienced during their hiding in the Holocaust. This book makes you feel as though you are enduring their hardships and triumphs.

All This Heavenly Glory by Elizabeth Crane
don't bother

Not much substance for a book club. It read like a season of condensed "FRIENDS" episodes. I couldn't relate to the main character at all.

The Night Villa: A Novel by Carol Goodman
poor character development, too many strings to attach

We reviewed this last night at our meeting. Everyone who has read Goodman said this wasn't her best effort. The descriptions of places and villas were excellent, but the overall character issue just didn't gel for most of us.

Slow, Beautiful, Unconvincing
his writing is poetry, his cadence and delivery an acquired taste

Our book club was split; half loved it, half couldn't get through it. Someone bought the book on CD and we listened to a few minutes of it; that helped many of us get a better understanding of the people and the writing.

A discussion for divinity students or a student of theology

The book was very interesting and our group wondered by we never study the religious extremists that made up a large part of our new country. It was very fact based and probably not a good choice for groups who are looking for a good talk over feelings, opinions and your basic novel.

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Informative
A woman ahead of her time

Fascinating reading; great historical fiction and you could feel the plight of the characters. Gripping and excellent attention to detail. I feel I could 'cook' up remedies myself now!

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