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The Good Earth by Pearl Buck
Insightful, Epic, Brilliant
Cultural Learning

I read this book in high school, and could not remember what it was about, but now that I reread it, I find I appreciate it much more than I ever would have when I was 15. There are so many interesting aspects of the culture in pre-revolutionary China, and although the culture in the past seem immensely different from American culture, I find there are subtle similarities. For example, the man is considered the provider, and the woman is the caregiver, a son is more appreciated and wanted than a daughter because they can carry on the family name, and although society has changed and progressed over time, I still see these beliefs and traditions being played out in today's 'modern' society.

Overall a great classic that should definitely be considered for a book club pick :)

Insightful, Interesting, Dramatic

Although this book presented how Americans and immigrants often deal with culture clash, the story had way too many unnecessary details. It should have focused more on the main character which seemed to be Maryam Yazdan. And I think it's safe to say there wasn't really a defined plot, there was plenty of dialogue I suppose, but just not enough character development. I hate to be harsh, but I really feel it was a waste of time.

Epic, Dramatic, Adventurous
A Great Historical Read

I thought the book was great! I have to admit it was a bit long, but worth it! Great characters, great story, great details, definitely at the top of my list.

Boring, Inspiring, Slow
Okay, but not Great

It was really hard for me to identify myself with the author as I've never gone through depression as deep as hers. I thought her efforts to find herself and her identity were actually quite courageous because even though her world was falling apart (according to her), she managed to slowly pick her self up and start living life and actually enjoy it. I liked how she was persistent in conquering her ability to meditate and really sacrifice herself mentally and physically, and how she was able to find God and peace within herself. Overall, I thought it was written well, but I think it was a bit hyped up by Oprah and what not. Some of my book club members loved it, and some didn't, I guess it depends whether you can relate to the author or not.

Angela's Ashes: A Memoir by Frank McCourt
Insightful, Interesting, Beautiful
Brief History of Ireland.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've never really had any kind of knowledge on just exactly how poor Ireland was, it's unbelievable that children had to suffer so much, and unfortunately it's still going on today in many other parts of the world.

The book was eye opening, and made me want to learn more about Ireland's history. I also thought it was amazing how the author suffered and went through so much pain and anguish, yet he managed to overcome all those obstacles and move on with his life and become successful.

The way he wrote was also interesting, he decided to not follow the rules of commas and quotations, but instead just write like it was a train of thought, like he was simply writing in a journal and telling the reader all the details of his childhood and thoughts. So although it was a fairly depressing memoir, I think everybody should read it at least once.

Romantic, Adventurous, Dramatic
I Love Twilight!!

I didn't read this with my book club, a friend of mine started reading it, and I didn't really think I'd be interested in a vampire story, but honestly, once you start you can't stop. You fall in the love with the characters and the story. It has romance, action, drama all rolled into one. Yes, I'd say its mainly for Young Adults, but S. Meyer has a great way of describing scenery, and her characters' personalities are so detailed and makes the story that much more interesting. I can't wait to see it on the big screen, and FYI all the books are great!!!

A tale of not knowing when enough is enough

Choke by Chuck Palahniuk
Lots of symbolism ... A little vulgar

Overall the book was crazy with the main character's sexual escapades, but in the end he was just living his life a certain way because he was trying to fill a void. He needed to be needed. Do not read if you get easily offended by somewhat graphic details. I would say that males would enjoy it more because many details are very blunt, but if you want to read something different, give it a try.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
The Help

Loved, loved, loved this book!! Loved the characters and the plot. It doesn't necessarily emphasize civil rights and all that, but it gives you a glimpse of that point in time. It helps you understand how society lived in those days, and also makes you realize that sometimes we create things in our mind that prevent us from opening our minds to others.

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