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The End of the Alphabet by Cs Richardson
With 30 days to live, Ambrose Zephyr is determined to visit all the places he had planned to visit, but did not. He and his wife take a journey that moves beyond space and time.

This book is a little gem (only 119 pages.)  It is beautifully written with some of the best character sketches I've read in recent fiction.  I also loved the main characters!  Our book club had the pleasure of talking to the author via phone at our club meeting, and he provided us with additional insight into the conception and birth of this first novel.We wish C.S. Richardson well on the reception and sale of his book and look forward to the next!

Lesley Hazleton has written a scholarly work that reads like fiction. Her account of the life and death of Jezebel brings together the old prejudices of the ancient world with the radical movements o

I enjoyed this book tremendously.  Our group focused on the role of women, both ancient and modern, and how women and power have been played out over the years.  Hazleton brings a wealth of knowledge of history, geography, religion, ancient language to the text.
My only reservation is that you know beforehand that you are reading a somewhat scholarly piece, and not a fictionalization of this famous bible story.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
Interesting, Inspiring, Dramatic
This memoir chronicles the horrific circumstances Jeannette Walls and her siblings faced being raised by an alcohlic father and manic mother. In spite of the gross neglect of her physical need and

This is a powerful narrative that generated much discussion at our book club.  I was amazed at the authors ability to forgive her parents and even appreciate the intellectual curiosity they fostered in their children, while grossly neglecting their children's physical and social health. 

Midwives (Oprah's Book Club) by Chris Bohjalian
Interesting, Informative, Dramatic
A young girl recounts the story of her midwife-mother's trial for manslaughter after an emergency c-section birth.

I did not particularly like the writing in this novel,(the author tried too hard to use the diction of the 7o's but falls short) but the "big picture" did generate interesting discussion about moral responsibility and culpability.

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