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Informative, Slow, Difficult
Einsteins life and all his studies and relativity

I personaly liked the book. It was heavy in some parts and I realy still do not understand relativity but I like the way we learn about his life his friends his traveling the relationship etc.
I would have left the theories for what they were and mention them but the book really went deep in to this but if you realy dont want to read it skip it. I thought it was an interresting mix.
I learned a lot about his life that I did not know it was revealing

Astrid and Veronika by Linda Olsson
Inspiring, Beautiful, Insightful
In a small village in Sweden 2 women meet and what happens is a story this story

I love this book it is powerful, gripping, has gruesome things happen and fun.For me this is what the world is coming too a world where neighbors dont know one an other a world where people talk behind your back but are scared to talk to you. The story and the setting are perfect. A small village walking distance from shops etc two house set close but not too close. One empty and one not. The trip, the bad weather, the getting to know you house and surroundings.
People meet only after they think there is an emergency. The growing of friendship and trust is amazing.........

A must read.
I will read it again .
This book will stay in my library.

Adventurous, Inspiring, Dramatic
An incredible trip to the Pole and almost unbelievably nobody dies

I was cold the whole time I was reading it. Never knew that a book could make you freezing.
It is almost unbelievable that without the newest excuipment and without enough food they did what they set out to do.
And survived.
I loved to read it it is well written and the only thing I missed is some more personal details about the crew and how they fared after wards

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
Mariam"s life in a war torn Cabul.

K.Hosseini is a great writer we have seen that with the kite runner. This book is about Mariam. Her life with her mother the visits from her dad. Then everything changes.
She is so real he pictures her so like all of us.
What a view into the lives of women in Afganistan.

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
Dark, Adventurous, Informative
An account of an unthink -able crime against children in the former soviet republic.

I like this book because of the unthink-ability the unpredictability. The end is a true eye opener.
Worth the read.
The karakters in the book are easy to remember, for me they act like russians and even feel like it.

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Informative, Insightful
a long way gone

A war is bad alway's. If you are recruted to be a soldier at a child's age it is even worse. That is what Ismael had to go through.
The first part of the book speaks of him running for his life, becoming a soldier ,killing and making sure he survives. What got me was after he came into a safe haven . (his uncle's house) the war finds him again. That part made me feel real sad and frustrated. .

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
The help

I think this book gave me a view into the lives of people in the southern USA in the 1950-1960
I know it is fiction but I think these things happen.

Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Insightful
Sarah's key

Loved it and reading it was easy.
The switching from current day to world war 2 was interesting.
I did not care for the super happy ending but I might not be a romantic.
Very well written book.

Something Red: A Novel by Jennifer Gilmore
Poorly Written, Difficult, Confusing

Very jumpy and un finished.
Difficult to read.

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