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Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
Lots of enlightening moments and discussions.

We thought this book was terrific. We had many eye-opening discussions and many revelations came out about the characters and their actions. We had a great discussion comparing the book's characters to characters in the Bible.

The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose
Interesting, Adventurous, Insightful
Interesting, thought-provoking, disappointing ending

We had mixed reviews about the book. Most enjoyed reading the book, going back in time, being in Rome, etc., but were disappointed in the ending.

The End of the Alphabet by Cs Richardson
Thought-provoking and sweet

Most of our members really enjoyed the book. It made us think about our own visions of what we would want to do if in the same situation. We were lucky to have a telephone discussion with the author which made it all the more thrilling. Getting some background from him was really helpful and exciting when we saw how our perceptions of the characters were on point. The book is quite short and an easy read, although some members thought it too choppy. Overall, we enjoyed the book and look forward to his next.

Too much geographical history and not enough story.

We found this book a bit dry. While the story of Jezebel was very interesting, there was too much talk about the physical elements of the area. We wanted to read more about Jezebel. It seemed that the author's version was the polar opposite of the Bible's version and perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls
Interesting, Inspiring, Dramatic
Outstanding book; well written; engrossing.

What a great book for discussion. It's a miracle Jeannette Walls and her siblings actually survived their childhood and apparently with no ill effects. If they had not been so intelligent, would they have survived, or would they have turned out like their parents? We had lively discussions as to which parent was more culpable, the alcoholic father or the mentally unstable mother? Did either parent have any redeeming qualities? This also led to some heated give and take. Two thumbs up!

Informative, Insightful, Slow
Fascinating look into Eastern culture and its consequences.

The book was very interesting and was fodder for some good discussions, especially about events after death (both on earth and in the afterlife). Chinese footbinding also captivated our discussions - was it a thing of beauty or submission?

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Dramatic, Insightful, Interesting
A true classic filled with romance, murder and intrigue.

A perfect read for book club discussions. There are characters to love, hate, or both. What motivates people to act the way they do? Why is old money better than new money, or is it? There was so much to talk about in such a short book. I highly recommend this classic.

Beautiful, Inspiring, Interesting
Lonely family turned around by the presence of Rose and Morrie.

What a delightful book with so many wonderful characters. I felt like I knew every character's personality. The twisting and turning of the story kept me reading almost non-stop until the surprise ending. The writer's poetic and melodious words were a joy to read.

Midwives (Oprah's Book Club) by Chris Bohjalian
Interesting, Informative, Dramatic
A very quick read and very thought-provoking.

This book certainly gave way to great discussions about the old rules of right and wrong and all the gray areas in between. What comes first, family or community? Is there a moral high ground to be scaled?

The Awakening by Kate Chopin
Interesting, Slow, Insightful
Excellent book; a must read for book clubs.

Kate Chopin's story could have been written today as well as over 100 years ago. While women today have more options available, the essence of the story and revelations of the mind and body do not separate women through time. This book will make you think about your own awakenings.

Inspiring, Informative, Insightful
While commendable, the book was too drawn out.

This was the first book club choice that evoked the same response from every member. Not one of us liked it. It would have made a great Reader's Digest book summary. What Greg Mortensen did was and is terrific, but the writing was stilted and disjointed. Mr. Mortensen's wife is a saint because even when he was home he was never there, maybe physically, but certainly not mentally.

The Little House by Philippa Gregory
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Gloomy, Insightful
The Little House

The book plods along expectingly and then the end makes it all worthwhile. You want to shake the main character awake, until the end justifies the means, or does it?

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Fun
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this book. It brought some surprises with the characters. We had great discussions about the historical aspects of the time and events we never knew occurred. Everyone should read this book.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Book Club Recommended
Insightful, Inspiring, Interesting
The Help

Don't pass this book by. Once you start, you cannot put the book down. The characters come alive and you feel you know each one personally. I haven't felt this passionate about characters in a long time. Bravo!

Pope Joan: A Novel by Donna Woolfolk Cross
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Informative, Interesting
Pope Joan

Very interesting book about the only woman pope. Made a believer out of me.

Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Interesting, Informative
One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd

May Dodd signs up for an adventure of a lifetime to get away from a tortured existence and rather than taming the "savages" May finds herself immersed into the culture of the Cheyennes and the battles they wage against other Native Americans and the U.S. government for their own land. We had wonderful discussions about the opposing cultures and the roles women played in each.

The Corrections: A Novel by Jonathan Franzen
Dark, Gloomy, Difficult
The Corrections

I couldn't find anything redeeming about any of the characters. They were all flawed to the max, mean-spirited and spiteful. Although it was well-written, I found it very frustrating.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Fantastic
La Bella Lingua

What a fabulous way to understand and learn the history of a language. It was fun reading about the etymology of words and phrases and how sometimes saying one things can be so opposite what you really meant to say. Dianne Hales passion for Italian really showed through. I only wish I could live in Italy among the Italians the way she did.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Interesting

Cutting For Stone is filled with pure emotion and family love. The love and commitment Marion and Shiva receive from Gosh, Hema and their staff is wonderful. The journey they make, whether forced for by choice, has you wanting for more. I recommend this book to everyone.

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Insightful
Crooked Letter Crooked Letter

Interesting, well-written story about a town outcast and the background potential discrimination story behind it and how one person's actions, or inactions, led to a lifetime of self-doubt and never-ending questions.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Book Club Recommended
Adventurous, Dramatic, Interesting
The Hunger Games

Exciting, riveting, astonishing - who could imagine being thrown into a "game" where there is only one survivor? It's like reading a book about the Romans, or maybe Survivor, or both. A complete page-turner; had to continue to the next book and then the next.

Book Club Recommended
Informative, Interesting, Insightful
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Should we maintain control over every piece of our body or let science use it for the good of all? That is the question this book presents. HeLa cells were used to cure and help so many people, but at whose expense or profit? The book probably could have been shortened because it was repetitive at times, but it certainly wasn't fair that many companies profited from using Henrietta's cells while her family lived in poverty. Good discussions about ethical and moral issues.

Book Club Recommended
Optimistic, Adventurous, Fun
I Totally Meant To Do That

A good "in between" book. It's a funny look at one woman's challenges of living in the Big Apple. It's especially funny if you live or work in NYC. I had many moments where I nodded my head in agreement or shook my head in "dis"belief of what occurred.

Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Epic, Brilliant
Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

This classic was a terrific book for discussion about the characters and what drives them. While I didn't thoroughly enjoy reading the book, other members' insights brought many things to light. We were able to have extensive conversations about the relationships among the characters and what led them to their decisions.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Insightful, Interesting
What Alice Forgot

Can someone change so much in a 10-year period? This is what Alice is faced with after a fall leads to her memory loss. It was interesting to discuss what we would do if we didn't know our own children and the person we had become. What led Alice to be this bully when she was the exact opposite 10 years earlier? You realize how much external factors influence your every day self.

Defending Jacob: A Novel by William Landay
Book Club Recommended
Dramatic, Interesting, Insightful
Defending Jacob

Could not put this book down. Loved the family dynamics. Who doesn't make excuses for your child? What would you do in this situation? The jaw-dropping ending was amazing. Highly recommend this book to everyone.

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry
Book Club Recommended
Informative, Dramatic, Life Changing
A Fine Balance

It\\\\\\\'s amazing how much one\\\\\\\'s outlook on life, pessimistic vs. optimistic, sways decisions and outcomes. The book proves that you really need to strike a fine balance in order to carry on no matter what life throws at you. The evolution of the characters drives you to read further; the story is beautifully written.

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman
Book Club Recommended
Fun, Interesting, Confusing
Good Omens

Must be read in big blocks or else you find yourself not knowing who\\\'s who or where you are. Once it gets going, it\\\'s pretty funny at times.

Our Italian Summer by Jennifer Probst

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