Mission From Venus: Book I (Volume 1) (Mission From Venus Trilogy, 1)
by Susan Plunket

Published: 2019-11-01T00:0
Paperback : 344 pages
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For fans of Rebecca Yarros, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Marion Zimmer Bradley, a new fantasy trilogy that takes the reader on an adventurous journey of discovery into other worlds, time travel, esoteric philosophies, intuitive healing and Jungian psychology.

Twin flames, Soonam and ...

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For fans of Rebecca Yarros, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Marion Zimmer Bradley, a new fantasy trilogy that takes the reader on an adventurous journey of discovery into other worlds, time travel, esoteric philosophies, intuitive healing and Jungian psychology.

Twin flames, Soonam and Attivio, natives of the Violet Planet, apparate to Venus to learn of a secret mission to Earth. Kumara, the Lord Hierarch of Venus, explains the mission and the risks: awaken humans to the truth of who they really are, save Earth from the dark lords but risk being trapped on the Darkside for untold eons.

And, most challenging of all, after separating from your twin flames and passing through the veil of forgetting surrounding Earth, you will no longer even remember who you are or why you are there in the body of a helpless human infant. All fifth dimensional powers will be lost to you unless you awaken in the Third Dimension. Soonam, Attivio and their friends sign on.

Thus begins their adventure to Earth. The training on Venus complete, the eight friends part from one another and are born to human parents in Moscow, London, Mumbai, Cairo, New York, Tokyo, Jerusalem and Dublin. The Dark Lord Darpith awaits them. Ruthless, he will stop at nothing to destroy these wanderers from the Fifth Dimension before they can even take their first steps as babies.

But unbeknownst to Darpith, Master Saint Germain, Chohan of the Violet Ray of Transformation, has implanted secret information in the pineal glands of the wanderers, including ancient wisdom and esoteric healing techniques. All eyes in the Universe, including the Council of Nine housed in Saturn's rings, are turned to see if the wanderers will succeed, reunite with their twin flames and show humans the truth of who they actually are. Should the wanderers fail, Earth must join the Dark planets.

Book One: Mission from Venus
Book Two: The Wanderers on Earth
Book Three: Immortal Beings (2025)

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Chapter 2

Training Begins

The morning sky over Venus was pink, streaked with gold. Soonam opened the cottage door, gazed out over the hillside, and breathed in the beauty. Turning when she heard Attivio stirring, she smiled at him. This new ritual of sleeping at night that they were all engaging in now, in preparation for life on Earth, created the unexpected joy of reunion each morning. Attivio opened his arms to her and she floated into them.

It had been so simple, from the first moment he’d seen her, at a celebration on the Violet planet. He’d caught her eye across the table, and as the evening progressed, he’d taken less and less care to hide his feelings. She’d assented to his attention with her deep violet eyes, which glistened and beckoned him as she bowed her golden head in playful recognition of his interest. Since that long-ago evening, thousands of years ago, they’d been inseparable, traveling the star systems together, doing the work of the confederation on many different planets. This mission to Earth would be their first time apart. Attivio didn’t relish the prospect of their separation. Soonam was his one.

When we separate for this mission, half of me will be missing, he thought. Soonam read his mind and lay her head on his heart, breathing him in. He buried his face in her buttery hair and smelled her beauty. He had never regretted for a moment following the light in the bottom of her eyes. It hadn’t even been a choice. He’d been captured.

“Ready to go?” He asked her. She lifted her head and looked up into his eyes. Gazing down at her, he read the many emotions in her eyes.

Maepleida, Heipleido and Toomeh entered the temple together for the morning training. Lady Venus and Lord Kumara were already there preparing to address them. The trio summoned their crystal seats and requested that they move to be near Ederah and Bereh. Just when the last seat was in place, Venus greeted them and explained that Lord Kumara would be addressing them first. He stood beside her in his long purple robes, holding a wand with a large amethyst ball on the top. When he cleared his throat a hush fell.

“Good morning, dear ones,” he began in his powerful but kind voice. “Today we begin the training for your mission to Earth. It is an auspicious moment, because the time for the ascension of planet Earth and her surface dwellers is at hand. As you heard last evening, Earth has begun to transition into the Fourth Dimension. Only those humans who qualify will be able to go on living on Earth in their future incarnations. The confederation would like as many beings as possible to move up into the Fourth Dimension along with Earth so they can have the choice to go on incarnating there. But in order to transition to the Fourth Dimension, each human must be able to embody a high intensity of light.”

Ederah looked around for Soonam and Attivio and spotted them just then coming in through the temple archway. Soonam caught Ederah’s gaze, and she and Attivio made their way to the rest of their friends and summoned their crystal seats. Lord Kumara went on speaking without seeming to notice the latecomers.

“Our first task is to prevent the destruction of Earth by those who have chosen the negative path of power, greed and self- interest. From outside the Earth, we cannot interfere directly with their activities, because that would be a violation of their free will. The free will of all beings, whether they choose the path of light or the dark path, must be respected, for free will is the law governing life on Earth. It must be born in mind that all beings serve in their own way, and ultimately, all return to the positive path for the final journey back to Source. As you know, beyond the sixth dimension there is no way forward except on the path of light. Sixth dimensional beings on the negative path see this and make the jump, at that point, to sixth dimensional positive. However, up until that point, all beings have free will, and may choose either the positive or the negative path in accordance with the laws governing life on the blue planet.”

“I wonder if it’ll be difficult, once we’re third dimensional, to respect the free will of those on the negative path who’ll be trying to enslave us,” Ederah whispered to Bereh.

To reassure her, he picked up her hand and kissed the tip of each of its digits, ending with her pinky, which was spread out from the others like a small star half belonging to another galaxy.

“Although it has been several million years since any of you were third dimensional beings, you may remember that the Third Dimension is a dimension of duality, where each soul is free to choose her path. The quintessential experiences in the Third Dimension are about choice and love. Each human chooses to learn about love, either by loving only himself or by loving all as one. Up until the Sixth Dimension, both are valid choices. Each being is free to embark on either the positive path of service to others, or the negative path of service only to self. It cannot be reiterated enough that both paths serve the Divine, each in its own way. All will eventually come into the Oneness of the Light.”

At the words, “all will eventually come into the Oneness,” Soonam felt her heart expand out beyond her light body. Her rose quartz seat reacted to her heightened state by vibrating gently and sending a warm glow all through her. Soonam silently thanked this crystal being for its love and its emotional, as well as physical, support. Though each of them was developing a relationship with their crystal seat, Soonam, in particular, appreciated her first dimensional being of the crystal realm, and it, therefore, responded to her most sensitively. That friends and allies are to be found in every dimension of existence was something Soonam thoroughly appreciated. But she had long felt a special love for first dimensional beings, especially rocks and crystals. Attivio similarly cultivated a relationship with beings in other dimensions. His favorites were the second dimensional creatures, known as trees.

“In general, humans are unaware of the spark of the Divine within them,” Kumara explained. “Your job will be to raise the level of vibration on the planet, so that humans will begin to wake up, remember their divine origins and claim their power. The difficulty will be that first you must wake up in the third density yourself and remember your own divine origin. Search your hearts dear ones. We ask you again: Are you ready for this challenge?”

Attivio reached for Soonam’s hand and again silently vowed to her: I will find you on Earth and lift you up, if, by chance, you fail to awaken. Soonam was stalwart in her commitment to serve and sent her heart’s answer to Kumara on a ray of pink light. She and Attivio had responded at once when the call came out across the universe that earth was in need of help for its ascension. They had made plans immediately to depart the Violet planet and head to Venus to learn more about the mission. And now that the details were becoming clear, their commitment remained unwavering.

Perceiving general acceptance of the challenge, Lord Kumara continued. “As you know, there are many pairs of twin flames in our group. Your reunion in human bodies will be of much benefit to Earth. Because as twin flames, you are a perfect energetic match for one another. If you manage to find one another on Earth, your reunion will release a great eruption of light which will raise the vibration of the planet and help to hold it in a field of love. Remember, time and space are of no matter to twin flames. They exist beyond the worldly platform, where nothing remains but an infinite sea of love. So even should you fail to find one another on Earth, and remain trapped in the third dimension, your connection in the higher realms will remain, always.”

“Small consolation,” Maepleida whispered to Heipleido, with a hint of distress in her voice.

“Do you not trust me to find you should you fail to awaken?” he chided her.

“Some of you have previously encountered, in battles on other planets, those beings from Orion who travel the dark path. On Earth, the dark side uses many tricks to enslave and control the humans. For example, they have perverted all organized religion by taking what was once the truth in it and distorting it just enough to use it for the purpose of controlling the populous and creating wars. They also create wars for their own profit by hiding free and clean energy sources in order to keep the populace fighting over control of oil rich lands. The dark lords fool the nai?ve and use the poor as cannon fodder to profit themselves.”

As he listened, Toomeh closed his eyes for a moment, and tried to imagine the challenges of life on Earth, with the dark side abroad in the land, creating strife. His eyelids grew heavy with the pain of his imaginings, and he pushed them away, and drifted off into a different reverie. As he let his mind wander, a pleasant scene came into view behind his eyelids.

A small boy, of no more than two or three, walked with his mother and father up an emerald green hillside covered with wild flowers. As the child climbed the gentle slope, he reached up to take, first the hand of his mother, a young rose-lipped woman with curly reddish-brown hair, and then the hand of his father, a sturdy, handsome chap, dressed in tweeds and brown hiking boots. A breeze billowing up from the ocean below them caused the sea of wildflowers which surrounded them to bow down and slowly stand up again. The salty breeze seemed to exhilarate each living thing it touched. As they climbed higher up the hillside, unable to avoid crushing some of the flowers underfoot, the woman sang to the boy, swinging his little arm in rhythm with her song. The boy’s joyful state was intoxicating, and Toomeh felt himself merging with the child’s innocent happiness.

His orange topaz seat began violently vibrating and jiggling. Maepleida glanced over to see Toomeh slumped forward, nearly off his topaz chair. But the vibrating crystal had done her job, and Toomeh jerked upright out of his reverie.

Whoa, he thought, suddenly opening his eyes, did I slip time, and see my future life on Earth? He withstood Maepleida’s look of concern, nodding only slightly in acknowledgement, then thanked the topaz crystal for her care, offered her his gratitude for calling him back, and tried to return his focus to Lord Kumara’s words.

“As you will be human once you incarnate, your emotions will control you at times, as is the case with all humans. It is impossible to be in a human body and for this not to be so. Be mindful, because negative emotional outbursts are food for the dark side, which feeds on negative energy to grow stronger. Do not succumb to emotional outbursts. Understand them as food for those in service only to self. Plant this seed now deep in your subconscious, so you may remember the danger of negative outbursts. In your current dimension your understanding of others is intuitive, you no longer remember the pain of being possessed by negative feelings toward others, or toward yourselves. But in the lower dimensions, negative emotions are a powerful destructive force. Be the love that you are, and that magic will shift the vibration on Earth into a higher frequency. There is always love. There is never a situation where there is no love. There are only beings forgetting that love exists.”

Ederah’s heart sang at this understanding of love. “There is never a situation where there is no love. There are only beings forgetting that love exists.” It seemed so obvious now, not even necessary to imprint it, but she heeded Kumara’s words and made the effort to plant the seed to remember this. She asked her rose quartz lotus seat to intensify this memory as she directed it to her pineal gland.

“This is the message that you will carry to Earth to save her, and her people, from the fate of Maldek,” Kumara continued. “As you know, the planet Maldek once existed between Jupiter and Mars. The consciousness on Maldek became so predatory, so saturated with evil, greed, and hunger for power and wealth that 700,000 years ago, it blew itself up in a nuclear war. All that is left now of Maldek is an asteroid belt. We hope for a different story for Earth. You, my beloveds, embody that hope. You are the grand collective from many star systems. You will turn the tide on Earth and combat the lower vibrational forces there which keep the humans ignorant of their divine origins.”

There was silence in the dome as the weight of Lord Kumara’s words fell on each of the beings before him. Heipleido felt a powerful stirring in his heart, a sincere desire to save Earth from the fate of Maldek. His whole being was bent on giving this service to the blue planet and her people. Maepleida sensed this in him. It troubled her when they didn’t think as one.

“And do not think the Earth beings are not worthy of the risk you take,” Lord Kumara said. “Many are brave and courageous souls, who long ago answered the call for an experiment. An experiment which was created to ascertain whether True Light could find its way back to its point of origin, to Source. Each of those who volunteered to fly out from Source as a spark of the Divine in order to help determine whether they could find their way back to that Source, with no memory of it, was a courageous being. They volunteered to incarnate on Earth and agreed to the condition of passing through the veil of forgetting, and in so doing, to forget their own divine origins. This was an experiment requiring courage equal to that asked of you now. Do they not deserve to be liberated?” A resounding cry rose up from all those assembled.?Bereh, who had been nodding off into a sort of trance, jerked his head up at the sound. They were receiving a lot of information about Earth. Maybe he needed a moment to process it all, because again, he felt himself nodding off, and jerked his head up once more, before succumbing to a sort of dream vision.

A little boy sat cross-legged beneath a flowering lime tree, enjoying the sweet fragrance of the small flowers which covered its branches. He tilted his head back, and looked up high, where a small, yellow bird sat, singing. A dark-haired, brown-skinned woman in a saffron colored sari approached him, disturbing his reverie. She said something to which the boy responded by handing her the small book sitting in his lap. She took the book and pressed it to her heart before returning to the house. The child suddenly turned his head and looked through the green air of the garden. He smiled as if in response to the sound of a friend’s voice. Bereh followed the boy’s gaze and saw that the friend was a pachta, an Indian sugar-mill woodpecker. The boy and the pachta communed, momentarily locking eyes as if they shared a secret.

Bereh jerked his head up when he felt Ederah’s eyes on him and he whispered to her, “I think I slipped into some sort of reverie, maybe about my future life on earth.” Ederah squeezed his hand.

“It’s quite possible that you did. We are still fifth dimensional and time is still unbound for us,” she whispered back. “Tell me later.”

“When you live among the earth beings, as one of them,” Kumara was saying, “you will enliven their hearts to such a degree that enlightenment will sweep the planet. Those on the negative path will be no match for your light. They will try to thwart you by creating fear, because fear is the path to the dark side. Fear, as the tool of the dark side, is the root of all evil. It leads to hate, anger, and revenge. But fear is no match for love, the most powerful magic of all.”

Soonam sighed and brought her fingertips together in front of her lips. Her heart stirred as she thought of the joy of rescuing the divine beings caught in the third dimension on Earth. Whenever her heart was touched, her violet eyes overflowed. Attivio turned to her to see her violet eyes brimming with tears. His heart squeezed in his chest.

Lord Kumara silently blessed them all and released them for a long lunch, to relax and absorb the morning’s teachings. He suggested again that they manifest and eat actual food, to practice for life on Earth rather than take nourishment directly from light. As they filed out of the temple, Ederah spotted Laaroos, an old friend, and called her over to join them under the trees. Ederah introduced Laaroos to everyone, and it seemed to her, that, when she introduced Laaroos to Toomeh, a spark flew out between them. Bereh noticed it, too, and exchanged a smile with Ederah. Once they were all gathered underneath their tree, Soonam manifested a lovely cloth, designed to reflect the leafy branches above them. She spread it on the ground, and each of them created something appetizing to share and placed it on the cloth. Bereh offered fruit in the shape of stars, and Ederah, fruit curved in the shape of the crescent moon. Maepleida made a round loaf of bread, which at her direction fell apart into eight equal portions. Heipleido added slices of something similar to cheese, only more delicious. Attivio supplied the nectar and goblets. Only Toomeh and Laaroos had not yet added to the feast.

Toomeh looked at Laaroos and tried to fathom what would please her, even more than please her, delight her. And Laaroos, being new to the group, wondered what she might offer them all for their enjoyment. Then Toomeh got an idea. For celebrations on Arcturus, a sweet was often created and shared so that the Arcturians might give thanks for the many blessings of existence by tasting the sweetness of life. He not only created these Arcturian sweets, which looked like tiny flower blossoms, but he placed them on a most beautiful shimmering dish, in the shape of Arcturus herself. He offered the dish first to Laaroos, who blushed to a deep crimson as she bowed her head and selected a sweet from the plate which he held before her. A moment later, a vase filled with fragrant lavender flowers appeared in the center of Soonam’s cloth, compliments of Laaroos. It nearly tipped over when Heipleido reached for the bread, but Toomeh quickly rescued it. Maepleida smiled, realizing that Heipleido had caused Laaroos’s vase to fall so Toomeh could rescue it.

While they ate, Heipleido told them that he’d heard that during their training they would be meeting the twin flame chohans of all seven light rays, as well as Earth’s planetary Buddha, the Lord Gautama Buddha. Maepleida shifted her position while she listened. Soonam leaned back and nestled into Attivio as he sat with his back up against a tree. His arms naturally encircled her, and he rested his chin on the top of her head.

“My head is swimming with this morning’s information,” Ederah said.

“Mine too,” Laaroos agreed.?“Where is your home?” Toomeh asked her.?“Arcturus.”?Toomeh broke into a big smile hearing this. “I thought so,” he said. “It’s mine, too. When I saw your eyes, such a deep gold that they’re nearly orange, I thought you must be native to Arcturus.” Laaroos allowed herself to look into Toomeh’s eyes and saw reflected back at her the image of her own deep, orange-gold orbs.?“Oh,” said Soonam, “but of course darlings, your eyes are the color of Arcturus herself. Many beings don’t realize that there are civilizations living inside of some stars, and not just on the surface of planets surrounding stars.”

Everyone smiled at Soonam. They couldn’t help it. Her childlike openness refreshed every exchange. She tilted her head back and sought Attivio’s face for reassurance that she hadn’t intruded in Toomeh and Laaroos’s conversation. Toomeh wanted to share with Laaroos the vision he’d had during Kumara’s talk, of the little boy and his parents on the emerald green hillside, and describe to her his feeling that he was to be that little boy. But he knew that it was too soon to speak to her so intimately.

“Time for me to process all this morning’s information,” Bereh said. And he stretched out on the ground, started munching on a star shaped fruit, and promptly fell asleep in the warm Venusian sun. His last thought before dozing off was, this is the same sun that will shine on us when we’re on Earth. Ederah brushed his lips with hers and took the fruit from his hand. Her heart was full of softness and peace, and she lay down and put her head on his chest. Soon she was drifting off into her own reverie.

An elegant woman in a white, silk robe leaned back against several down pillows in a large bed with a medieval scene depicted on its tall headboard. The woman held a newborn baby swaddled in a soft, pink blanket. She looked out the window at the thickly falling snow, then lowered her eyes to gaze at the sleeping infant in her arms. A little boy of about four or five climbed onto the bed next to her, and gently placed his little hand on the top of the baby’s head. Next to the woman sat a handsome man, with a short, neatly clipped black beard. He placed his arm around the woman, and he, too, looked down at the baby with great tenderness. He was a man who never failed to see what he looked at. The little boy asked him something, and the man turned and broke into a smile as he inclined his head forward in a yes.

When Bereh shifted, Ederah, whose head rested on his chest, suddenly came too, wondering what she had just witnessed. Was it her future family? Was she to become the baby in the woman’s arms? A few feet from Bereh and Ederah, Toomeh sat close to Laaroos, offering her a crescent moon shaped fruit which she took in her small, strong hand. Soonam noticed a kind of pink glow around the two of them. Attivio pressed his back into the tree trunk and tightened his arms around her. She whispered something to him which made him smile. Ederah glanced at Bereh’s sleeping face and dozed off again herself, hoping to catch another glimpse of the little family on the big bed.

Only Maepleida and Heipleido seemed momentarily out of harmony. But finally, they, too, relaxed, and silence fell over the whole group as each heart filled with peace and stillness. All thought stopped, and their minds shut down to meditate and metabolize the morning’s information. The processing was accomplished through their heart chakras, as each mind bowed down before its heart. A serene hour of meditation passed quickly, rejuvenating them, for meditation was more nourishing to these fifth dimensional beings than food.

Bereh awoke from his meditation to the sound of the gong calling them back to the temple. Ederah sat up and extended her hand to help him up. They all brushed themselves off, adjusted their soft, flowing garments, banished the remains of their picnic, breathed in the sweetness of the fragrant air, and made their way back into the temple for the afternoon session. As they passed under the arch, Laaroos noticed the scent of oranges, as if from thousands of orange trees.

“Good afternoon,” Lady Venus began. “I’d like to introduce you all to our guest, Adama, who comes to us from Telos, one of the inner cities of light inside the Earth. Telos was constructed inside Mt. Shasta, in a place now known as northern California. When the Lemurians learned that their continent of Lemuria would sink into the ocean, they made plans to save what they could of their holy sites and their culture by rebuilding on the safer ground of Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is part of what is called The Ring of Fire. And thanks to the foresight of the Lemurians, much of their advanced and peaceful civilization is preserved there in the inner city of Telos. But not all of the population could be moved, and many Lemurians were lost in the deluge when the continent sank beneath the sea 12,000 years ago. Many of those who died that night remain on the surface of Earth, incarnating as humans. They carry much trauma from the destruction of Lemuria. The Lemurians in Telos want very much to free those who perished in the deluge, when Lemuria sank, from the karmic cycle of rebirth. Once you awaken on Earth, the Lemurians will be your allies, and will help you to raise the vibration of humanity and avert the destruction of the planet. Like you, the Lemurians are fifth dimensional beings with many gifts, which will be at your service once you awaken. I now give you Adama of Telos, city of light.”

As Adama stepped forward and bowed to them, Laaroos noted that again the scent of oranges filled the air. About twelve feet tall, Adama had shoulder length, light colored hair and sea- green eyes. He wore a long robe the color of white sand and he spoke in a gentle voice.

“We of Telos and the Agartha network of the inner cities of light are grateful to all of you for volunteering to come on this mission. Though the risks are great, and many could be lost, there will be help and protection. Once you are in human form the diamond spark in your hearts will be your gateway to enlightenment and the remembrance of who you are. We of the inner cities of light will be there to assist you, but you must call on us. The protocol for incarnation on Earth requires that no assistance can be given without first being requested by the surface dwellers. Once assistance is requested, every light being in the inner cities below the surface of the planet will be at your service the moment you call. You will be invited to visit us in your light bodies, during your sleep time. We live in a peaceful, cooperative society inside the Earth. Our city inside Mount Shasta is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Telos is full of light, gardens, groves of orange trees, and temples of great beauty. We invite you to visit and share in the comfort and beauty.”

Laaroos sighed. Ah, that’s why I smelled the delicious fragrance of a thousand orange trees, she thought.

Toomeh picked up her thought without responding. He, too, had enjoyed the fragrance of the orange trees.?“We Lemurians live in harmony with all of nature, and also with the universe beyond. Many visitors from around the galaxy come to visit us. Some of the humans living near Mount Shasta have become aware of something special going on inside the mountain, and some have even seen spaceships in the sky above Mount Shasta. Most of these humans are excited to see evidence of these visitors from other planets and dimensions.”

Heipleido tried to keep his focus on the message, but lulled by the gentle beauty of Adama’s voice, and the sweet scent of the orange groves, he found himself drifting off into a reverie.

He saw an enormous pyramid, at the foot of which stood a young boy of five or six. He wore kaki-shorts, a white shirt and brown, lace- up ankle boots. Next to the boy, holding his hand, was a delicately featured, dark-haired woman in a gossamer pastel dress with a pattern of blue lotuses on it. She reached up under her wide-brimmed straw hat and brushed the hair from her forehead, tucking it under the brim. The boy pointed to the ground beneath the pyramid and her eyes followed his finger. He told her that there were beings living underground, in a city beneath the pyramid. She smiled at what she assumed was the boy’s fantasy, but rather than contradict him she asked, “What kind of beings?”

He answered her without hesitation. “Beings from space.”

As he listened in, Heipleido felt certain that the child was speaking the truth, that there was a small, inhabited city under the pyramid. Still in a trance, he leaned forward in an effort to hear more of their conversation, hoping the boy’s mother would continue asking him questions. But he leaned so far forward that he almost fell out of his amethyst seat, which had started jiggling fiercely. He opened his eyes to see Maepleida looking at him in wonderment, for Heipleido was a being of astounding agility, power and grace unlikely to fall over.

“As I said, some humans are aware of our presence and have even witnessed what they call flying saucers over Mount Shasta,”

Adama continued. “And many more humans are awakening to the awareness, that something is changing on their planet. When you incarnate, come to us for teachings and healings during your sleep time, and all the support you need will be yours. The window of opportunity is now. We of the inner cities of light stand with you in this battle for the souls of humanity.”

Attivio looked at Soonam and sent her his thought. We will win this battle and I will find you on Earth, no matter what happens. When she heard his thought, Soonam turned and embraced him with her eyes alone. Even now, after all these eons, it was still as if silver trumpets resounded in his heart at her glance. For a moment, he thought he saw her as a little girl playing in a park, watched over by a man who seemed to cherish her. He shook his head and took a deep breath.

Adama was concluding his remarks. “Let me leave you courageous light beings with this information. Once you incarnate on earth as human, your heart must be opened like a door. And the key to open the door of the heart is silence. Yes, it’s that simple. A period of silence every day will benefit your awakening. To rest in silent meditation each day is key. You know this now, but as a third dimensional being you must relearn it. We, from Telos, and the network of the inner cities of light, bless you and thank you for your help in this great battle.”

Adama bowed to them, and again the scent of a thousand orange trees filled the air with a sweet fragrance.

Maepleida sent a thought to Heipleido. But how are we going to remember all this once we’re in the density of a human vehicle?

Heipleido tried to lighten her mood by creating a teasing tone with his thought-reply. Darling, my darling, most brave of all Pleiadian warriors, are you getting cold feet?

Ignoring his playful attempt to cajole her, she shot back.

You’re the one who wants this grand adventure to Earth, not me.

Before Heipleido could offer her some reassurance, Lady Venus released them and invited everyone for evening tea on the lawn under the ancient trees. Toomeh contrived to walk out of the temple beside Laaroos, and to ask her how she knew Ederah. He used his voice, though he could read her thoughts. He decided it might be forward to already be communicating telepathically.

“I served with Ederah and Bereh in the battle of the Violet Planet against the Draconians,” Laaroos answered. But Toomeh barely heard her words, his feeling of bliss was so overpowering as he gazed at her, wondering how she was so familiar and dear to him after only a few hours’ acquaintance. Walking beside her, it felt to him as if all the galaxies were singing around them and moving into alignment in support of their meeting. He already loved her face, framed as it was by hair like strands of liquid amber. He decreed her face a most perfect setting for her deep, starry eyes. Leaving the dome together, side by side, they looked heavenward to see the sky above them turn from pink to transparent gold.

Maepleida and Heipleido looked at the pair with interest. Toomeh had long been Maepleida’s pal and Heipleido’s best friend. Maepleida asked Ederah about Laaroos and learned that she and Bereh had fought alongside Laaroos on the Violet planet. And they’d met up again more recently, while serving as guardians of the children on Arcturus.

“Well, it’s not the ideal time to fall in love,” Maepleida said, glancing at Toomeh and Laaroos, “when we’re all about to be separated from our twin flames, and thrust into human bodies with no memory of who we are.”

“Maybe we’ll be wildly successful on Earth and reunite in one lifetime, lifting up all beings,” Bereh piped in.

“Aren’t you relentlessly positive,” Maepleida said.

“We all know energy follows thought, so my plan is to be relentlessly positive.”

“Right you are, Bereh,” Attivio said, handing Soonam a cup of tea.

“I’m glad there’ll be tea on Earth,” Soonam said. “I love tea.”

“Maybe you can ask to be incarnated in England. I’ve been studying and I learned that they drink a lot of tea there, while the Americans drink more coffee,” Laaroos said.

Laaroos felt the warmth of Toomeh’s smile on her face as she spoke, and she liked the feeling of his tender support. It was a new sensation for her, as she had been on her own for eons.

Maepleida strolled off a little distance from the group. Heipleido followed her.

“I still don’t see how we’re to remember all this once we pass through the veil of forgetting,” she said.

“But that’s the challenge of it, darling,” Heipleido said.

“We’re going for a stroll before bed,” Maepleida called back to the others. “See you in the morning.”

“I do love you so very much you know,” Heipleido said, as they climbed the hill toward their cottage.

“I know you do,” Maepleida answered. view abbreviated excerpt only...

Discussion Questions

Questions from the author:

1. If you had to go on a dangerous mission which character, or pair of characters, from Mission from Venus would you want to accompany you?

2. One underlying assumption of the book is that humans are powerful creators who have forgotten that they can manifest reality with their vibration. What’s your feeling about human’s ability to manifest their desires?

3. If you were one of the wanderers training on Venus for a mission to Earth, which city or country would you like to incarnate in?

4. The wanderers often communicate via mental telepathy. Do you feel this is something humans can develop too?

5. The wanderers learn that they must pass through the veil of forgetting in order to incarnate on Earth. They will no longer remember who they are. Do you believe we all passed through a veil of forgetting to be born here?

6. Several esoteric healing techniques are given to the wanderers during their training on Venus. Would you try any of these yourself?
Do you ever meditate on your chakras or see other worlds in your daydreams or as you drift off to sleep?

8, Each wanderer chooses a chair made of a different crystal with different qualities and healing properties: amethyst, orange diamond, blue sapphire, rose quartz, emerald. Which crystal would suit you best? What kind of crystal help would you like?

9. Quotes from Mission from Venus: Choose one that speaks to you and share why.
"Aggression is not strength, and compassion is not weakness."
" Only the ego gets hurt, the Soul is never injured."
" This is how the dark side works. They start with a truth and twist it so that it seems like a truth, but it no longer is."
" Humans are meant to have free will. No one is meant to command them."

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