Sins Of My Mother
by Terri Jones Salter

Published: 2004-02-28
Paperback : 152 pages
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Overall rating:
  "Trying to hard to sell the message"by gochiefs (see profile) 12/02/07

The writing is a bit weak. Did not hold my attention. The author works hard to paint a bleak life for the protagonist so that she can find help in God. It came off fake (and I'm a devout Christian.)... (read more)

  "Sins of my Mother heals soul wounds page by page..."by nfa (see profile) 08/27/06

Sins of my Mother touched me on so many different levels. In many of our families we ignore the "elephants" - life's painful events that we would rather pack away and keep a secret than deal with head-on.... (read more)

  "Awesome. A definite attention grasper for adolescents through adulthood."by mrsdavis (see profile) 04/25/06

Our teen lift program picked this book for our March book club month and they truly enjoyed the characters. The teens are looking forward to the continuation of this story in book 2.

  "To me the book is great as it deals with real life situations that not too many people like to talk or write about. I love how the story flows and ties it together with our christian believes."by maddy (see profile) 04/24/06

Highly recommend for everyone to read at least once.

  "HEALING FOR THE SOUL!!"by lattarain (see profile) 04/14/06

Wow!! I never knew a book could be so intense. "Sins of My Mother" will have you laughing, crying, thinking etc; etc. When I read this book it made me take a long hard look at my life and I realized... (read more)

  "Inner City Insight"by chosen1 (see profile) 04/13/06

I highly recommend this book because of the insight that it gave me, as a suburbanite. I really did not understand the depth of pain that people experience in the inner city. People are quick to point... (read more)

  "READING THAT TOUCHES THE HEART AND MIND"by cabnjnwk (see profile) 04/13/06

This book touched home. I found myself, family members, and friends in every character. The main character Angelea was the one character that mostly related to me. Being that cornerstone ... (read more)

  "EXCELLENT! GOD-SEND! THOUGHT PROVOKING"by tiiwan (see profile) 04/13/06

I thought that this book was a phenomenal piece of literary work. It truly delved into the psychological, emotional, and physical bonds that can tear families apart. Through the dynamic of self revelation,... (read more)

  "pride and respect"by ellen (see profile) 03/25/06

this book was fiction but there are a lot of familys like this familys who have no family vaules

  "Good Discussion Book but not a must read"by Wits-End (see profile) 03/23/06

Sins of my mother had a solid storyline and messages about how parent’s history can affect their children and with God all things are possible. The characters in the book are developed were you know... (read more)

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