The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life
by Connie Siewert

Published: 2004-11-30
Paperback : 342 pages
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The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life is a lighthearted look at life's deeper lessons and mysteries as it chronicles business strategist Connie Siewert’s personal experiences, and those of her healers, during a three year journey to wellness.

As part of this focused quest for ...

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The Skeptic's Guide to The Adventures of Life is a lighthearted look at life's deeper lessons and mysteries as it chronicles business strategist Connie Siewert’s personal experiences, and those of her healers, during a three year journey to wellness.

As part of this focused quest for optimum health, Connie explored past lives with a hypnotherapist and spirit guide from Sylvia Browne’s Society of Spiritus Novus. Through reiki, healing touch and shamanic rituals, she was introduced into the world of our energetic selves and came to understand the power that it wields over our physical bodies. She experienced the power of distance healing and was given the gift of knowing momentarily what it is like to have a highly developed sixth sense. She has been cupped and had her acupoints punctured, her feet and related organs reflexed, her colon cleansed and her eyes studied as an uncanny source of information regarding her health. Connie has learned the vibrational affects of color, music and minerals, been counseled by the planets, angels and horses and communed with the other side. And through it all, she was able to significantly improve her lung condition, eliminate the pain and stiffness from arthritis in her knee and improve! her overall wellness, all while stimulating the mind and delighting the spirit.

Upon reading The Skeptic’s Guide to The Adventures of Life Mariette Edwards, principal of Star Maker Enterprises, summed up the healing odyssey as, 'Connie's CPA sensibilities are challenged and inspired by the surprising and unexpected revelations her explorations have produced. It's like Arthur Andersen meets Tinkerbell!'

Stephanie Maxine Ross, medical botanist and holistic practitioner to CEO’s and Celebrities, had this to say about The Skeptic’s Guide to The Adventure’s of Life, 'Connie Siewert, the 'healthy skeptic', charters a refreshing exploration into other healing modalities with honesty, wit, and charm. She inspires us to consider with openness new possibilities in our quest for wellness.'

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Excerpt from Chapter 8: Medical Intuitive/Healer

Brent Atwater

Pages 126-127 describing first meeting with Brent Atwater, Medical Intuitive/Healer and Artist

My investigative reporter persona was in full swing and I was delighted to have such a willing subject to interrogate. I wanted to know everything about Brent and her medical intuitive abilities - what it was like to be her, how did it work, how did she feel about it.

Sometimes in my enthusiasm, I ask very penetrating questions, often oblivious to the potential impact they might have on someone. I process information rather quickly and even more effectively if I can keep a certain pace going when I am interviewing someone. I suspect it probably feels like my subjects have a big spotlight shining in their face as I continue my rapid fire probe for nuggets of insight. Brent took heart in knowing that I was genuinely interested in her and her gifts and luckily did not take offense from my intense questioning. In fact, she later said she found it somewhat liberating. In the small community she lives in, she doesn't get an opportunity to talk about it often, and certainly not to the degree sought this evening. The three of us became a totally captivated audience as we were drawn in by our fascinating dinner partner.

Brent had been part of a group of young children identified with extra sensory perception skills and had been the subject of a study all through their childhood. Yet these gifts had not become a focus in her adult life. Rather she had chosen to pursue the study of law and eventually settled on using her artistic talents as an illustrator and painter. She had met the love of her life and they had been in a close relationship for many years when they had finally decided to get married. Hours after becoming engaged, he was killed in a tragic accident that sent Brent into a wild emotional and physical tailspin that left those around her fearful she would not recover. She was taken to the Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, where she had a long standing relationship from the earlier childhood studies. At first puzzled at what was causing her dramatic and dangerous shift in vital signs, the medical researchers eventually discovered that it was due to a rise in the accessibility of a high powered energy level which heretofore had been dormant. When they walked her into their MRI lab, all the equipment immediately powered down. When she stepped out of the room, the power came back on and all the equipment returned to full operation. Excitedly they performed other tests to validate their theory. They marched her into a room full of x-rays and had her tell them what she thought about them. Even though she had not been trained in the medical field, she was now spouting medical terminology reflecting the conditions she was viewing. view abbreviated excerpt only...

Discussion Questions

1) Have you ever tried or considered trying an alternative therapy to treat a health challenge or help you release stress?

2) If you have:

-what prompted you to explore an alternative therapy?
-what was your experience like?
-what surprised you about the experience?
-what value did you get from the experience?
-how did you relate to the healer?
-have you repeated the therapy?
-have you tried anything else?
-would you recommend it to anyone else?

3) If you haven't tried one:

-is there a particular therapy that you would like to try?
-what would you hope to gain from it?
-has anyone you've known tried it?
-what is keeping you from trying it?
-is there something that would help you take that first step to explore the experience?

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