Wife Goes On
by Richard Law

Published: 2001-11-15
Paperback : 42 pages
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WIFE GOES ON is a humorous view of marriage. It serves as a word to the wise (single) or the lucky ones, and as a lighthearted fact sheet for the poor suckers who have already bitten the dust ...
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(WIFE GOES ON is a humorous view of marriage. It serves as a word to the wise (single) or the lucky ones, and as a lighthearted fact sheet for the poor suckers who have already bitten the dust (married.)

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Discussion Questions

1. Why does Diane Taylor feel like she has the scarlet letter “D” on her forehead? Do you believe there is still a negative perception of divorced women? Why?

2. What transformation takes place when Bonnie's little girl puts her old Homecoming Queen tiara on Bonnie's head? What elements of her past contribute to her insecurity?

3. All four women struggle with identity issues as they start their second acts. Do you think this is true with all wives going through divorce?

4. How does Diane's relationship with her daughter change throughout the book? How do you think it will affect her daughter when she grows up?

5. Why is Annette more broken-hearted at the end of her affair than at the end of her marriage? What is it that happens during the deposition scene that causes her to realize what she really wants?

6. Do you think Annette has an easier time or a harder time than the others because her husband turned out to be gay? How would you feel?

7. Bonnie initially sees Annette as a strong woman, while Annette sees Bonnie as weak one. How do their roles switch so dramatically?

8. Lana, initially helps the others out of pity and self-interest. What prompts her development into a generous friend? What did Winston see in her from the beginning?

9. When Lana helps Diane have a make-over, she teaches her about the power of panties. Do you ever use lingerie as a “mood ring”?

10. Bonnie is the youngest of the four and yet she feels the most responsibility for her husband's well-being. How does the theft of her car help free her of this?

11. Diane, Bonnie, Lana and Annette each had different reasons for joining the “club.” What similarities contributed to their friendship?

12. What do you think about intimacy aids?

13. Why are wedding shows so popular? Do you think the lucrative wedding industry contributes to the high divorce rate? Why or why not?

14. If you are divorced, what advice would you give to a friend? How would you help her?

15. If you are not divorced but have a friend who got divorced, was it scary for you? Did she change? How did you help - or how would you help next time?

16. Whom is Diane protecting by not telling her children their dad is a compulsive gambler? Would you tell your children about why you are getting a divorce? What advice would you give to your children when they get engaged?

17. Each chapter begins with a joke: “You know you're in the club when…” Which is your favorite and why? Can you think of another? (If you'd like to share one on the book website, email Leslie at www.wife-goes-on.com)

18. Would you get married again? If so, would you buy Marriage Insurance?

Notes From the Author to the Bookclub

Book Club Letter:

Dear Reader,

Whether you're divorced or have a friend who is, Wife Goes On will make you laugh, cry - and go meet for coffee. It's Sex & the City meets First Wives Club - with a modern twist. Forget revenge - this is not your mother's divorce. Today, we not only air our dirty laundry, we wash it together. Husbands may come and go, but friends are forever.

I got the idea for this book when I was shocked at how happy I was, after my fairy tale dreams ended with divorce. I was afraid of being alone, but my divorced friends helped me through the scary process, and my married friends kept me grounded amid the change. Sure, it's tough being a single mom, but I feel like me again. And I'm a better mom because of it. Studies say women today have great second acts because of education and job skills and longer lives. But I know there's more to it - friends!

Wife Goes On is about four women with nothing else in common but divorce, who find that it's more than enough to be friends. Over one life changing summer, they help each other learn to live happier ever.

Reviews range from “an homage to friendship, to “sexy and fabulous!” And of course, there's makeovers and romance and diapers and teenagers with inappropriate lingerie, because even amid court dates and job hunts -life goes on. Or rather, Wife Goes On.

Here's to living happier ever after!

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Overall rating:
  "a story of the power of female friendships as 4 women are drawn to each other as they reinvent themsleves after divorce."by Patricia P. (see profile) 12/01/08

A humorous and touching account of 4 women who cross paths before, during and after their divorces. "Wife Goes On" speaks to the power of female friendship and the bouyancy of women as they struggle to... (read more)

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