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The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown

Published: 2003-03-18
Hardcover : 454 pages
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While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. While working to solve the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is ...
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In an exhilarating blend of scholarly intelligence, relentless adventure, and cutting wit, Robert Langdon (first introduced in "Angels Demons") and his new adventure combines the punch of Robert Ludlum, the intriguing historical touch of Umberto Eco, and the nonstop suspense of Michael Crichton.

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Discussion Questions

Questions from the Publisher's Reading Guide:
1. As a symbologist, Robert Langdon has a wealth of academic knowledge that helps him view the world in a unique way. Now that you’ve read The Da Vinci Code, are there any aspects of life/history/faith that you are seeing in a different light?

2. Langdon and Teabing disagree as to whether the Sangreal documents should be released to the world. If you were the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, would you release the documents? If so, what do you think their effect would be?

3. What observations does this novel make about our past? How do these ideas relate to our future?

4. Other than his fear of being framed for murder, what motivates Langdon to follow this perilous quest? Do his motivations change?

5. The novel’s “quest” involves numerous puzzles and codes. Did you enjoy trying to solve these puzzles along with the characters? Did you solve any of the puzzles before the characters did?

6. If you could spend a day in any of the places described in this novel, where would it be, and why? The Louvre? Westminster Abbey? Rosslyn Chapel? The Temple Church? Somewhere else?

7. Historian Leigh Teabing claims the founding fathers of Christianity hijacked the good name of Jesus for political reasons. Do you agree? Does the historical evidence support Teabing’s claim?

8. Has this book changed your ideas about faith, religion, or history in any way?

9. Would you rather live in a world without religion…or a world without science?

10. Saunière placed a lot of confidence in Langdon. Was this confidence well-placed? What other options might Saunière have had? Did Saunière make the right decision separating Sophie from the rest of her family?

11. Do you imagine Langdon should forgive Teabing for his misguided actions? On the other hand, do you think Teabing should forgive Langdon for refusing to release the Sangreal documents?

12. Does the world have a right to know all aspects of its history, or can an argument be made for keeping certain information secret?

13. What is interesting about the way this story is told? How are the episodes of the novel arranged and linked? In your discussion, you might want to identify where the turning points in the action are where those moments are after which everything is different. Did you anticipate them?

14. What is the novel's theme? What central message or idea links all the other components of the novel together?

15. For most people, the word “God” feels holy, while the word “Goddess” feels mythical. What are your thoughts on this? Do you imagine those perceptions will ever change?

16. Will you look at the artwork of Da Vinci any differently now that you know more about his “secret life?”

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Member Reviews

Overall rating:
by Elisa J. (see profile) 07/04/20

  "The Da Vinci Code"by Amanda W. (see profile) 11/12/10

This book is awesome and even if you have seen the movie read it. The book is soooo much better. It is a fast paced book with surprises around every corner. I will say the book is very close to the... (read more)

  "The Da Vinci Code"by Jamie C. (see profile) 10/16/09

  "Not religious, but now enlightened!"by Laurie D. (see profile) 09/03/09

  "Couldn't Get Past The Horrible Writing"by Kay L. (see profile) 08/12/09

That about says it all.

  "Great Read"by Jody C. (see profile) 07/10/09

This book is a great mystery adventure. Don't get caught up in the critical review of Catholicism, ultimately it only increases the drama of the adventure. I found myself unable to put it down.

  "4.83/5 by 6 members"by Mindy H. (see profile) 01/26/09

  "everyone enjoyed this and his first one"by Lisa F. (see profile) 03/21/08

  "Mystery & Suspense!"by Tory T. (see profile) 01/28/08

Great Read. Overall I give it an A-

  "Interesting idea diminished by sophomoric writing and unbelievable conclusion."by Sandra S. (see profile) 10/26/07

I finally broke down and read it, thinking there had to be something there, if it was so popular. Unfortunately, I could not buy the idea of who the real villain was, and Brown's calculatedly suspenseful... (read more)

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