The Goldfinch: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction)
by Donna Tartt
Hardcover- $15.52


"The Goldfinch is a rarity that comes along perhaps half a dozen times per decade, a smartly written literary ...

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  "Great read!" by pblake (see profile) 11/30/15

While very long, this book kept me guessing and reading until the very end. Great character development and a plot that is filled with every emotion. It was worth every minute of reading. It will create a lot of great discussion for book clubs!

  " once in a lifetime book" by dchase21 (see profile) 01/15/16

Tartt has been compared to Dickens in her writing. Here she has written a literary thriller. Each sentence propels you with interest to the next. The multi layered symbolism slowly unfolds in this coming of age story of the tragic Theo Decker. It's a big book but not one word is wasted. I defy you to read it and then not immediately start rereading the beginning. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read.

  "" by tlmeisels (see profile) 01/15/16

  "" by lmorgal (see profile) 01/27/16

  "" by rhcart (see profile) 01/31/16

  "" by Speakes5 (see profile) 03/24/16

  "" by nursecarol (see profile) 03/30/16

Drugs and alcohol, especially alcohol, but in this book both, seem to be the coping mechanisms of most protagonists in the current lit. It is so depressing! But Theo does grow and redeem which are two qualities I seek in my main character and this book provides that. That being said, I was never so happy to leave Las Vegas (when that moment occurs) in my life!!

  "" by danisimpson21 (see profile) 04/02/16

Very lengthy and unnecessary descriptions throughout entire book which makes for a long and boring read.

  "The Goldfinch" by wlreader (see profile) 05/17/16

A page-turner with really unusual but well-defined characters. A fun read.

  "Pulitzer Prize Committee Asleep at the Wheel" by CathUnit (see profile) 08/18/16

Donna Tart needed a good editor. This story was ridiculously long, poorly written, and I am surprised that it won the Pulitzer.

  "" by vlrolsma (see profile) 08/24/16

  "The Goldfinch" by smokey1 (see profile) 09/24/16

There are excellent scenes and lines in this novel, and I'm glad I read it as a Pulitzer Prize book, but in the end it reminded me of the antique shop the character Hobie runs in in the book:" many amazing, high-quality things half hidden beneath mounds of less interesting stuff!

  "Wordy but good story line" by Mjrock (see profile) 03/22/17

This is a well written book. I didn't give it a five because I thought the book could still tell the story with less words. It is a long book. The story line is fantastic in how it all intertwines. I don't like all the things the main character gets into, but that is the mother in me. We picked this book for our book club to read. Those who listened to the audio option gave the book a five. They did this while sewing or Zentangling. Those who read the whole book gave it less than a 5 because parts just lagged. Over all though it is a book worth reading as the ending is sweet, humorous and fitting.

  "" by wisamyounis (see profile) 07/14/17

  "" by dianagraalum (see profile) 07/17/17

  "The Goldfinch" by ginilow (see profile) 07/25/17

I only gave this book two stars because the writing is very enjoyable.

  "" by KarenUK (see profile) 08/10/17

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