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I, Nemo
by J. Dharma Windham, Deanna Windham

Published: 2012-05-22
Paperback : 316 pages
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What if the Nautilus and its famous captain wasn’t fiction?Every legend has a beginning. Every man has a name. But none as dark and mysterious as the depths of the seas he stalked. The world in time would come to know him as Captain Nemo and his fabulous submarine the Nautilus. Here, for...
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What if the Nautilus and its famous captain wasn’t fiction?
Every legend has a beginning. Every man has a name. But none as dark and mysterious as the depths of the seas he stalked. The world in time would come to know him as Captain Nemo and his fabulous submarine the Nautilus. Here, for the first time, the tale is told in his own words of how he came to be: I, Nemo

Born Jonathan de Chevalier Mason, he had it all: a prestigious position as chief naval engineer to Queen Victoria, a beautiful wife and children, and a bright future, but he was betrayed by the very people he served and loved because he would not divulge the secret of a weapon so terrible that whoever possessed it would rule the world. Thus begins a sordid and shocking ordeal unsurpassed in history. Arrested on false charges and tried in the Star Chamber, a secret court, he is convicted and sent to Belial Island to toil endlessly in its steaming tropical jungles. Then fortune smiles on him in the guise of a frail elderly French priest and his little band of followers. Together the two men hatch a plot to escape and forever be free of tyrannical governments that cast them aside like trash. But Jonathan has a score to settle and soon his betrayers will feel his wrath.
I, Nemo is a steampunk novel written in Dharma and Deanna's signature style, historical fact blending seamlessly with fiction, it is an action packed, gut wrenching roller coaster ride of torrential proportions. Starting with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, J. Dharma & Deanna Windham have added greater depth and vibrancy to this time honored classic, creating something altogether unique and different.

Editorial Review

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Chapter 1
In My Mind’s Eye

Let this chronicle serve as the true and unvarnished tale of my life irrespective of any nonsense penned by that rascal—the so-called professor Pierre Arronax. If ever I have rued an act of clemency or allowed the cold tempered steel of my inner core to be self magnetized toward the nobler metals of the human condition—I say this: mark me well, Sirs, it was this one thing. Nothing do I regret more than ignoring my better judgment and not opening the valves to my beloved Nautilus’ ballast tanks and sinking beneath the waves to let that scrofulous Frenchman drown like a rat. So, as I have already declared, these pages will serve as my representative in the all-too-likely event I am unable to speak for myself, in order that the true account of my life may be passed along to posterity. ... view entire excerpt...

Discussion Questions

• What specific themes do the authors emphasize throughout the novel? What do you think he or she is trying to get across to the reader?

• What significance does the Nautilus have in the book? Is she more than just a ship? Or not?

• What drives Nemo? How does he develop into a person who has the capacity for horrible crimes? And does that make him an inherently bad person?

• Compare your ideas of Nemo’s origin with those presented in the book. Does the book give you a sense of understanding the character better? In what way?

Notes From the Author to the Bookclub

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Book Club Recommendations

Maybe better for male audience
by Deemann11 (see profile) 05/06/13
The violence was a bit much. It was adventuresome and flowed well as a book but it was hard for a female group to relate to all the ship terms and the violence. If you have an interest in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you would probably enjoy this book as it tells how Nemo came to construct the Nautilus.

Member Reviews

Overall rating:
  "Not Researched Enough"by rickimc (see profile) 08/26/13

Interesting concept, but just didn't seem realistic as events were not fleshed out enough.

  "I, Nemo"by Deemann11 (see profile) 05/06/13

The book was easy to read because of the writing style which flowed well. But without an understanding of sea going vessels it was hard to relate to. The many breaks in the diary of Captain Nemo due... (read more)

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