A Million Little Pieces (Oprah's Book Club)
by James Frey
Paperback- $13.38

At the age of 23, James Frey woke up on a plane to find his front teeth knocked out and his nose broken. He had no idea where the plane was ...

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  "even with all the recent controversy, it's a good read" by Daggy (see profile) 01/19/06

I was partway through the book (just past the horrific visit to the dentist ... who gets root canals without painkiller - yikes!)when my husband asked whether I had heard all the controversy about the author's embellishment of certain facts. Every time I open it now, I wonder whether the stuff I am reading is real or not; somehow everything I read before is real in my mind and the rest is now questionable. I'll still finish reading it ... I just have to know how he makes it through the last few weeks.

  "Unlike almost everyone else in our book club, I didn't like the style of writing." by kimarie (see profile) 02/14/06

The style wasn't engaging - while some in our book club liked it, I didn't get into the pace or style.

  "Great Discussion Book Before and After the issues" by Wits-End (see profile) 08/09/06

My book club read this book before it was Oprah's Book Club so we were able to read the book without any outside influence. We enjoyed the book and thought it was well written and had a lot to discuss. I think even if the book was all fiction we would have still enjoyed the book.

  "Slow read, and actually fiction" by kugler (see profile) 08/21/06

It was a difficult book to get into, and the fact that most of it has turned out to be fiction has really taken away from the impact the book could have had.

  "Embellished or not - still a good read" by mhender (see profile) 10/15/06

I enjoyed the book. It gives some insight into a person fighting their demons.

  "disliked it even before the lies were uncovered" by kennamom (see profile) 03/07/07

  "fantastic quick read for me" by janestone (see profile) 03/18/07

I realize that there has been a lot of publicity about this book. never mind that- I could not put this book down. I have never had a book that effected me like this one. I read it in two days. I know people like this, and the book took me inside the drug addict. I cried for hours, but that is ok. It is a natural emotion. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. the follow up book "my friend lenny is excellent as well.

  "Wonderful, even if not entirely factual" by mariauy (see profile) 04/04/07

If James Frey hadn't claimed this to be a true account, what you would have is an excellent novel. I loved this book, I couldn't put it down. It was shocking, tragic, and inspirational. An insightful look into addiction, I recommend this book as long as you can read with an open mind.

  "Marvelous read. Intriguing regardless of fact or fiction. Just read it!" by mac2jeter (see profile) 05/25/07

  "Amazing rehab story is it had been true, not so amazing when you find out it" by kathaileen (see profile) 12/09/07

Six weeks in rehab. The book starts with the author (age 23) waking up on a plane - he doesn’t know how he got there or where he is going. His four front teeth are knocked out, his nose is broken, he has a whole in his cheek.
His parents meet his plane and help him check into a rehab center in Minnesota. He was told if he doesn’t stop using he will be dead before he is 24. The whole book is about his recovery and the people he meets. He has to look back over his life - when did he start drinking (at 10), why is he filled with rage.
Two answers come (1) alcoholism can be genetic and his grandfather was an alcoholic. (2) A lot of our personalities are formed before the age of 2 and James had a chronic ear infection that was not detected and took several surgeries to correct. He was always screaming as a baby because of his unbearable pain. That caused a lot of unjustified anger towards his parents and everyone else.
He has been sober since 1991.
I think I might read his second book “My Friend Leonard”.
Postscript: 1/26/06 DUPED!!! Facts have come out that this “memoir” was highly embellished by the author. He was in jail 2 hours, not 87 days. He didn’t undergo root canals without benefit of novocane. His friend Lily did not commit suicide, etc. I would have read this differently if it was fiction or based on a true story rather than a memoir. Oprah is ticked. I feel a little sorry for the guy. He didn’t write this to get on Oprah’s book club and dupe her and the public, that was an amazing development. The publisher should have checked facts and published it under a different genre. I will not be reading “My Friend Leonard”.

  "I enjoyed this book" by swannwsong (see profile) 03/30/08

Most of the book club did not like this book. Here is my review, however.

I am the odd woman out. While I agree that "A Million Little Pieces", was depressing and not always believable, I liked it. It gave me more insight on how truly devastating addiction is. I thought his writing style was interesting and effective. His chopping, repetitive style was very annoying at times. I think he did this intentionally. It made the reader (me) feel agitated as I imagine he felt at the time.

  "Good read even if proven fiction" by teatime (see profile) 07/12/08

This was a page turner and intense. This lifestyle was detailed and shocking. Although proven not his true account, this is a good read and sure to spark discussion.

  "despite the truth.." by katemurphy (see profile) 06/09/10

This is a great novel. The story (whether or not it is true is not the issue) is one of great success and hardships. It is very interesting and depressing at the same time. Even thought its credibility is a question it is still a wonderful read either way.

  "a million little pieces" by hollypitcher (see profile) 07/12/10

  "A Million Little Pieces" by dawnmgeoppinger (see profile) 03/02/12

  "A Million Little Pieces" by LanaK (see profile) 02/21/14

Eye opening information regarding addiction.

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