The Woman in Cabin 10
by Ruth Ware
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  "This book is hard to put down!" by thewanderingjew (see profile) 08/20/16

The Woman in Cabin 10, Ruth Ware, author; Imogen Church, narrator
Expertly written by the author, this psychological thriller will captivate the reader from page one and will not let go until the last page ends with a very satisfying conclusion. Although the tension builds throughout, the author inserts a bit of humor, now and then, to ease its grasp. Imogen Church narrates the book so well that I felt I could hear each character speaking without any difficulty at all. Her interpretation of their personalities and speech patterns felt very authentic.
Laura Blacklock is a reporter for a travel magazine called Velocity. After ten years with the company and a rather stagnant career path, her future begins to look brighter when her boss suddenly gives her the opportunity to go on the maiden voyage of a luxury boutique cruise ship, called the Aurora Borealis. She won’t let anything stand in her way. This is her opportunity to make contacts and write a piece that will prove her talent to others and finally help her up the ladder at the magazine. Even though she is on edge from a recent terrifying burglary in her apartment, she insists on going.
When she boards the ship, she is struck by its opulence. This ship was not built to ferry ordinary people around. It is only for the very rich and the very famous. Looking around, she recognizes others in her profession. She sees an ex-beau who is a reporter and also engages in a conversation with a prominent photographer. She learns that both the ship’s owner and his wife are on board, which is unusual; generally, his wife does not accompany him because she has been ill and is undergoing cancer treatment.
As Laura dresses for dinner on the first evening, she realizes that her mascara is missing from her makeup bag. She remembers it had been in the handbag that was stolen from her apartment on that frightening night she had surprised a burglar in her flat. A bit brazenly, she goes next door to the cabin marked 10 Palmgren, and knocks, hoping someone in there will be kind enough to lend her a mascara tube. After waiting and getting no response, she gives one final bang to the door expecting to fail in her quest. Instead, she sees a pretty, young woman in a Pink Floyd t-shirt. She does not appear very happy to see Laura standing there, and a bit coldly, she agrees to give her a mascara, insisting that she does not want it returned.
Later that night, Laura is awakened by a loud sound that she thinks is a scream coming from the cabin next door, and she thinks she hears the very loud sound of a huge splash in the water. Rushing to the veranda window, she looks down and thinks she sees a body floating downward. Looking up again, she sees what could be a bloody handprint on the glass of the veranda. She begins to wonder, is she herself now in danger? Was anyone aware of her presence there on her veranda?
As she attempts to report what she thinks she heard and saw, she has little success. She is told and shown that the cabin next door is apparently empty and always has been. There was never a passenger in that room for he had canceled. As she watches pieces of evidence about the event disappear, her own antennae are raised higher. Although the man in charge of security seems to doubt her account of events, he shows her around the ship in search of anyone on the staff who might have known or seen the mystery woman. Having no luck there, she begins to wonder about the other passengers on the ship. Had any of them been involved? Could they have seen the woman? Might someone else have heard something? Why had she disappeared? If the room was unoccupied, why had she seen the girl’s clothes strewn around? As she continues to investigate on her own, the odd behavior of the passengers and their "alibis" begin to seem more suspicious to her. She suspects each one in turn. Surely someone knew or had seen the young girl in the Pink Floyd t-shirt in cabin 10!
Was someone really thrown overboard? Had anyone seen Laura as she witnessed this event? Would she be the next victim? Was there really even a victim? Had she been dreaming? Was she so drunk that she had a hallucination? Was it a paranoid delusion? Because the ship had been having problems with their technology, her phone had no service. She was unable to contact anyone on the outside to report what she believed she saw, or to make a report for the magazine that she so hoped would be the harbinger of her future success. She could also not reach anyone to ask for help! She was totally isolated from everyone. When Laura does not contact anyone, her friends and family begin to raise alarms about her whereabouts. A second narrative, behind the scenes, is interjected sporadically through the book. It keeps the reader on tenterhooks. Those outside the world of the ship have no idea what is going on inside it, and in the same way, Laura has no idea what is going on beyond the confines of this magnificent floating vessel.
I must admit I listened to this book almost straight through, stopping only to sleep for a few hours. I had to find out if there was indeed a diabolical murderer on board or if Laura was dreaming or imagining everything she thought had happened. There were twists and turns taking me in one direction or another, bouncing me about in my suspicions in much the same way that Laura was being tossed, suspecting one passenger than another, one staff member than another.
There seemed to be so many random clues, but they pointed in many different directions. It was hard to know which were real and which might be products of Laura’s own imagination due to her extreme emotional state. The suspense was palpable as Laura thought about each passenger in turn, as her conversations with them revealed secrets and further doubts to her. The misdirection was really effective.
This mystery novel, written by a British author is done very well. There are a few minor glitches but what made it so good was the actual absence of the foul language and unnecessary titillating sex which is so prevalent in the work of many American authors today, perhaps to seem cool or for shock value. It was simply a great mystery. Without cheap devices, the author has created a book that is gripping as it explores and exposes what is going on in the mind of Laura Blacklock as she attempts to solve a crime she thinks has been committed, although there is no proof. It places the reader right there on the ship with her. From start to finish, this is a really good, entertaining read for anyone who loves a good psychological thriller!

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by pamos (see profile) 09/07/16

Much like her previous book "In a Dark Dark Wood", Ruth Ware tells another psychologically thrilling story of a woman who witnesses a murder on board a luxurious yacht in the middle of nowhere. Or does she?

  "" by amacon (see profile) 09/14/16

  "What a Cruise!" by phesselbart (see profile) 10/18/16

Everyone in our club really loved this one. The setup of the ship had some of us a bit confused, but the story kept everyone guessing. We had a lively discussion about this book.

  "" by csmith48 (see profile) 10/23/16

  "Read this on dry land!" by ccroft78248 (see profile) 11/11/16

This is a great quick read! But read it on dry land otherwise, you will be thinking every single splash is someone going over board. It is a story that takes the reader on a journey through some claustrophobic moments and moments of whodunit around every corner. Very enjoyable!

  "" by (see profile) 11/14/16

  "A Good Suspense Story" by nbaker (see profile) 11/17/16

The Woman in Cabin 10 was both entertaining and intriguing. Laura Blaylock ("Lo"), a reporter with anxiety issues, prone to panic attacks and trying to catch her breath from a recent break-in at her apartment, gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a maiden voyage on an extravagant and lush ocean cruiser, along with other reports and social moguls.

The first evening finds her preparing for a formal dinner with no hint of mascara in her make-up bag. Knocking on the cabin next door, a woman answers, flustered and nervous and gives Lo a tube she can keep. A noise in the night from the cabin next door, a blood smear on the adjoining glass veranda divider and a splash in the dark waters proves to cloud Lo's memory and sanity. Just what did she see? Or did she see anything at all?

I enjoy a good mystery and this story provided some interesting characters and was well written. However, I felt that the outcome and circumstances were fairly easy to figure out. I kept hoping there might be another twist that I hadn't anticipated, but none really appeared. Perhaps I have just read too many conspiracy books thus I've heard every plot? Regardless of being able to predict the final outcome, the story was still one that made you want to keep reading -- whether to prove your theory right or prove your theory wrong.

It felt a bit drawn out at the beginning and then a bit rushed at the end, but the story still played out well. I look forward to future works by this author. This is a solid 4-star book that is sure to please most suspense readers.

  "" by janetannie (see profile) 11/30/16

  "" by Michellelikestoread (see profile) 12/06/16

  "" by mercedeslady (see profile) 12/14/16

  "" by Scarlett1936 (see profile) 01/09/17

  "" by Leonor (see profile) 01/17/17


  "" by Myreads (see profile) 01/17/17

  "" by searcher (see profile) 01/20/17

  "The Girl in Cabin 10" by jackiheilbrunn (see profile) 01/20/17

We all agreed...this book is not worthy of a book club discussion. It is not well written, and appears to be a quick attempt to jump on the success of the previous book by the author and her publishers. We do not understand all the "buzz" and the bestseller status.

  "" by rrobe00 (see profile) 02/08/17

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by Linda Smith (see profile) 02/10/17

The opening of the book seems to have been an afterthought, moe developed than the rest of the book. Characters are not fully developed, which took away from the "who done it" impact.

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by ruthannfischer (see profile) 02/10/17

This book had no character development and seemed disjointed

  "" by smhamilton (see profile) 02/15/17

  "predictable" by chlene36 (see profile) 02/18/17

maybe i found it tiring because it's similar to the girl on the train which i had just finished, and also found to be more depressing than interesting

  "" by Holdend (see profile) 02/22/17

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by njfulton (see profile) 02/23/17

A good book for fun reading!

  "" by (see profile) 02/23/17

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by dkrach (see profile) 02/28/17

Our group read the book; most said it was not something they would have picked to read themselves. It was a thriller, but we did not feel that the author tied up the loose ends at the end of the book. We did not think that we would read another book by this author.

  "" by Lschellinger (see profile) 03/02/17

It reminded me a bit of an Agatha Christie. My club liked the book well enough. It was an easy read.

  "Fast moving mystery with twists" by jmhidding (see profile) 03/02/17

This was an enjoyable read. As the story unfolds, there are twists and turns, leaving you guessing what really happened and what will happen. A few situations don't seem realistic, but still enjoyable.

  "" by (see profile) 03/02/17

  "" by Scolern19 (see profile) 03/06/17

  "" by PiperUp (see profile) 03/07/17

It's a quick & easy read but I don't think it provides much to talk about at a book club mtg.

  "Only a fair mystery " by (see profile) 03/10/17

Many of us felt the main character was somewhat unappealing and the storyline was a little far fetched. In all fairness one member thought it was gripping and liked it . There was not a lot to discuss about this book.

  "Don't waste your time or money" by (see profile) 03/10/17

Picked this book for our book club based on the many positive reviews. I'm soooo sorry I did. I consider this novel to be a complete and utter waste of time. Nothing like reading about a paranoid, self-absorbed alcoholic and abrasive nitwit who is stupidity personified. I intend to apologize to my fellow book club members for wasting their time and money on buying this boring piece of crap disguised as a novel.

  "Nothing Much in Cabin 10" by lizblair (see profile) 03/13/17

This mystery kept me reading but it wasn't too believable. Laura's character was hard to get to know, so when the events occurred, I took them all with a grain of salt

  "" by njmspeech (see profile) 03/17/17

Quick to read. Not very dramatic or mysterious. But hey fun fast book to entertain you.

  "The Woman in Vabin Ten" by Annasnana (see profile) 03/22/17

Excellent thriller, filled with some twists and turns. This is a real page turning, nail biting kind of novel that does not disappoint!

  "" by acelis (see profile) 03/24/17

  "The Woman in Cabin 10." by Maryfran (see profile) 03/29/17

This was an ok book. The main character was truly flawed and as far as mystery or suspense not truly believable. We had a great discussion. Some liked it, some did not.

  "" by jennybeutner (see profile) 04/05/17

  "" by (see profile) 04/10/17

  "" by LaurenSchwartz (see profile) 04/19/17

  "Quick Read" by Bodacious (see profile) 04/19/17

Author's use of emails/texts helped to make the book more curious. Minimum character development. Would have like to get to know some of the characters a little better. Plot was a surprise.

  " mystery depends on alcohol and drugs" by ebach (see profile) 04/20/17

Now I’ve read another of these selections, THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10. I’m afraid it’s just so-so, no great shakes. But others disagree with me.

Many reviewers say that THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 is better than Ruth Ware’s last book, IN A DARK, DARK WOOD. That is true if you don’t count the first two thirds of CABIN 10. The last third of that book is, indeed, nailbiting. And that is good enough for most reviewer’s, I guess.

All in all, though, I would say that CABIN 10 is about average. If the entire book was as good as the last third, I would give it a four out of five.

The mystery depends on alcohol and drugs. What a disappointment!

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by jakjohnson52 (see profile) 04/21/17

This book is a page turner. The author does a great job of keeping you guessing.

  "" by Samary (see profile) 04/27/17

  "The Woman in Cabin 10" by bookchicks (see profile) 04/28/17

  "" by kleinman.22 (see profile) 05/02/17

  "" by lsterritt (see profile) 05/06/17

  "" by KarenHull (see profile) 06/04/17

Kept my interest and guessing. Some items repeated quite a lot though (e.g. I'm so hungry, I'm so tired..)

  "" by pass0525 (see profile) 06/04/17

  "" by lucydog (see profile) 06/08/17

  "" by LeenieM (see profile) 06/14/17

  "" by (see profile) 06/21/17

  "" by (see profile) 06/23/17

  "I wish that "they" would stop trying so hard ...." by Eviee2013 (see profile) 06/23/17

to make "Gone Girl" a genre. This book was momentarily entertaining but I don't think it is book club material.

  "Unlikeable Characters" by (see profile) 06/25/17

The story grips you about halfway through but the characters are not very likable.

  "" by (see profile) 07/05/17

  "" by ladydiphil (see profile) 07/06/17

  "" by (see profile) 07/09/17

  "page turner" by debaparker (see profile) 07/17/17

I couldn't put this book down. I feel as if I am a slow reader but I read this book in one day. It is very nicely written and the suspense stays with you from beginning to end. A must read for mystery lovers!

  "" by (see profile) 07/18/17

  "" by Djbg1 (see profile) 07/25/17

  "" by (see profile) 08/04/17

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